Should I switch from #Mac to #Linux?

I mostly do web dev, some audio editing (on an #iPhone lately), and I truly, deeply, with all my heart hate my 2016 #Macbook's keyboard (replaced it once already, due for the second replacement), stupid touchbar, lack of USB-A and no SD-card reader. It's also slow as shit, and holds battery for, like 2,5 hours tops.

Question is, should I wait a few years and keep struggling with the old known evil, or switch to a superior hardware and a new, #FOSS evil?..


@rosnovsky audio editing is the deciding factor here - if you do audio editing on your laptop it's very hard for a linux machine to outdo a mac because the software is underdeveloped or just plain not there. there's, like, ardour, and audacity, and reaper's sorta usable now, but that's really all you have without dipping into windows programs via WINE. and PulseAudio and ALSA don't hold a candle to CoreAudio by my experience.

@bclindner right, thanks for the insight! I think, I understand the trade-offs, more or less. For a long time I had to use Adobe products, and couldn't switch even in theory. Now it's no longer the case, and I don't really do that much audio editing anyway.

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