Masto mods and admins, please open - new anti-spam tool 

@ashfurrow @socialskeleton @Gargron I don't know many more admins and mods, get the word out, let's fuck this spammer up

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@bclindner @ashfurrow @Gargron Thank you for writing this. Unfortunately, I'm hosted and can't get that under the hood, but I'll boost.


@socialskeleton You can run this on your local machine if you'd like - all it needs is credentials to a mod account and a Firefox driver. I'm actually not even sure it can run without a window manager.

@socialskeleton Again, if you need help setting up (not tech savvy or whatever) let me know, I can maybe help you out.

@bclindner It should be able to run with a Xvfb or Xephyr instance and a simple WM like TWM, if you wanted to wrap it in an API on a VPS.

@SuperFloppies Ideally I want to cut Selenium out entirely. It sucks for this. I could probably do this with just an HTML parser and it'd be cleaner to run, if more involved to write and maintain.

@bclindner Probably needs JS too.

I wish I could offer an assist to make a lightweight port but I am really down and sick. I haven’t touched a computer in a couple of days. ☹️

@SuperFloppies I think the moderation part doesn't use React, it's more of a static site, so I think request replaying will work here!

Fwiw most selenium-based stuff will run fine without an active X session using xvfb. I hesitate to say it with much more certainty cause I'm a few years our of date on this stuff.

If I get some time to try it out in the next few days I'll report back.

@norm I suppose I should write Windows and Mac install instructions too, huh?

@bclindner I got it to work headlessly in Docker with the `selenium/standalone-firefox` image. So if you're cool taking on a Docker dependency it should work equally fine in Windows/Mac/Linux (and headlessly at that). It may have required a few tweaks to get going (or it was just me not being a Python guy).

I'll see if I can bundle it up into a PR at some point.

@norm Great stuff! Heads up if you're doing a PR, though, I've got a major code restructure coming up that just kinda flattens things until I get my Python code structure shit together. I'm still trying to spin up instances to test that branch.

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