my home assistant setup now turns off all the lights and shuts all my devices off when i go to bed

the lengths i will go to be lazy is immeasurable

also in the same setup: a script that restarts my shitty router and modem when they do something stupid with the wifi and wan connection respectively, and a script that turns my living room lights on/off when my media player PC does the same

IT man said fuck work


up next is probably determining where i am in the house with a set of motion sensors and turning lights on as i move to different rooms

i'm starting to think maybe i'm overdoing this smart home thing

this is just the home assistant part too, i even set up the raspberry pi it runs on with gogs and drone so i have a full devops stack at home complete with ci/cd running on a raspberry pi

please don't ask me how long builds take

@bclindner No..No, you're following the obvious path to a fully smart home (that would really impress anyone coming to visit).

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