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i guess i should do since my last one got buried SO

hi! i'm brian (he/him)! i write code for a paycheck and then do dumb shit with the rest of my time. i post/boost memes probably more than I should

i'm co-admin of this instance (largely to ban problematic instances without ash's help and add more dumb emojis) and make some kinda-functional tools for moderating instances ( &

i also do music, gaming and art (which i post about way less)!

i use python and csv.DictReader every damn day at work for data transform and stuff and i have to manually go in and unfuck every single file i'm handed, not even csv.Sniffer can figure out what some of these files are doing

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csv would be a much better format if people fucking agreed on fucking convention for it

why the fuck does excel export UTF8 with a BOM

why do some people hand me CSVs with a | as the separator

why why why

sometimes self care is going into your 2000 deep inbox, pressing "select all", and moving it into the archive, because fuck sorting through that shit

i just wanna vibe, why the fuck yall gotta make things difficult

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they're trying to do the same shit to pc games now, too

steam, origin, EGS, gog, itch kinda, windows store, Uplay, fucking twitch...

at some point the piracy's going to be rampant enough that they'll have to take the nuclear legal crackdown option... which will not be fun for anyone involved

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when are these companies going to get it into their heads that a service needs to be convenient and reasonably priced for people to want to use it

the current streaming ecosystem is neither

i wonder if there's some angry execs asking about underwhelming sales being told about plex right now

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we've come full circle from "cable sucks" to "streaming services suck" and i hate it

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"This is probably not the update you want."

The result of Google restricting their services to particular user-agents and builds.

Are standards really standards if you only let yourself (and maybe one friend) participate?

(HT @mhoye for the link)

should've snuck a change into the mastotech fork while ash was updating to make it only allow for spamming emojis with "cat" in the name

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broke: open source is good because it allows a community to maintain its own communal software
woke: open source is good because cat emojis go brrr

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oh hey we're on the version of mastodon with that PR i did

to anyone on m.t, you can now hold ctrl on the emoji picker while clicking to spam emojis discord-style

:popcat: :popcat: :popcat: :popcat: :popcat:

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