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i guess i should do since my last one got buried SO

hi! i'm brian (he/him)! i write code for a paycheck and then do dumb shit with the rest of my time. i post/boost memes probably more than I should

i'm co-admin of this instance (largely to ban problematic instances without ash's help and add more dumb emojis) and make some kinda-functional tools for moderating instances ( &

i also do music, gaming and art (which i post about way less)!

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you can, in real life, without mods, launch the latest version of super smash brothers and make sans fight ness on final destination with megalovania playing

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putting hot cocoa mix in the coffee instead of sugar :catjam:


got some tajin with a bunch of spices i got gifted for christmas and holy FUCK it's insane

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if you're 20 covid has been going on for 10% of your life

late on the wordle train

Wordle 206 3/6


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example emulator names

for 8-bit micros: The Computulator 4.9x

for sega consoles: sakuraLUCIDITY

for nintendo consoles: Blop

for playstation consoles: PXT2TT4PC4XXL

for xbox consoles: Codename m1ndload presents Operation Durden

i gave them exact repro instructions for my issue and they ignored them and reinstalled windows and "reseated cables". when i got it back and turned it on the power circuit issue was already happening, i didn't even have to wait for it to charge to full

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guess i'm playing tech support tennis with dell until this laptop gets fixed ugh

i've spent the entire week tower grinding in guilty gear. i might have a problem

lukewarm tech take 

16:10 is better than 16:9

coping, seething, and malding over guardians of the galaxy getting best soundtrack in arbitrary awards show over the insanity that was strive's OST

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if you’re feelin like shit today, here’s an image of traffic inside one of those stupid elon musk tunnels designed to avoid traffic

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