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i guess i should do since my last one got buried SO

hi! i'm brian (he/him)! i write code for a paycheck and then do dumb shit with the rest of my time. i post/boost memes probably more than I should

i'm co-admin of this instance (largely to ban problematic instances without ash's help and add more dumb emojis) and make some kinda-functional tools for moderating instances ( &

i also do music, gaming and art (which i post about way less)!

it is 2 in the morning

i slept from 5 until midnight and i need to be up at 7


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i think its more frustrating to see libs miss the point than it is to see fascists just be fascists. Just saw a tik tok of a dude who looks like he rides fixie bikes yelling about voter ID.

He kept yelling "FINE WE CAN DO VOTER ID BUT IT HAS TO BE FREE". The he went on to explain the process of how voter IDs would be verified and how it needed to be free.

Poor people dont have fucking time for all this hoop jumping bullshit. I always had to ponder if i could even afford to take a day off work to stand in line at the DMV all fucking day to renew my license or any other fuck off government building.

When i was on foodstamps with my mom it literally took all day to just sit there and wait for an interview.

Time is also a cost. The only way voter ID is acceptable if its going to take the same amount of time as mail in ballots. anything less is just straight up voter suppression

hi masto why are we talking about the cum jar again

late may specifically. i'll have completely forgot why i ordered it by then knowing me

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ikea wants me to pay $50 for shipping in may :cate:

i'm just gonna pick it up, fuck that lmao

finally getting my fuckin covid vaccination tomorrow

quicker we get this shit done the better i'm tired of being scared to go to the grocery store on a weekend

i am waiting for the inevitable moment that firefox and safari implements this and even more dumb "we see you're using an adblocker" shit

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friendly reminder to not use chrome, they rolled out floc which lets advertisers track you at browser level in a way that skirts even ublock

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Via @eff


A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the web.

i just want to run a minecraft or terraria server without having to do wacky shit with screen

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i wish game servers didn't do weird cli shit

just run as an uninteractable background process and expose an api for server control like a normal application lmao

there is an o365 outage and i cannot do a large portion of my job right now


and whoever decided they should override ctrl-f in discourse with a search ux that makes me want to vom

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good morning to everyone except whoever decided discourse returns a white page unless you accept 20+ scripts

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