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Submitting the report to Barr is only the first step. Mueller also has to get the margins approved by the DoJ librarian and pay any outstanding fees before he can officially graduate.


The fastest and most efficient way to kill a software engineer's professional confidence: put them through the hiring process.

Brief reminder that unless you are part of the relatively small group of people directly affected by the current crisis, you will not benefit from keeping up to date on the latest developments, nor does that help anyone else.

If the news or related social media is causing you distress, the best thing you can do is to turn it off. Better quality summaries will be there for you tomorrow.

If your a bike racing fan, this looks like fun and bit different from usual fantasy bike racing sites.

Today's dose of sysadmin horror. apt-get supports regexp, if you fat finger a version, you get all the packages. ( i.e. apt-get install ruby2. ) BTW thats' not even sane regexp...

Snow dreams 

Every time I'm here, I think it's time to retire and just ski until i can't.

My take on DoH is that it will end up being used in a user-hostile to prevent DNS-based ad/tracker blocking solutions like pihole. With DNS over 53/UDP, DNS based ad-blocking solutions are a trivial firewall rule that can be made even on consumer routers.

With DNS over TLS, it's only a matter of time until adtech vendors and other privacy-invading beacons are using DoH/DoT to prevent users from inspecting & blocking these beacons through certificate pinning + traffic obfuscation.

The longer a discussion about Git goes on the closer to 100% probability there is of someone saying: "This is why you [always|never] do $something_i_have_never_heard_of."

Did my taxes this weekend and got a unwelcome surprise. Let's just say that the tax cuts for the rich had to come from somewhere...

The only good programming language is that one you've been meaning to try for ages but not got round to yet

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Anybody have any recommendations for accessible (specifically fully-captioned) training resources for becoming a linux sysadmin?

A coworker who is deaf is interested in learning more, and we're having trouble finding professional, comprehensive resources for him.

#accessibility #linux #sysadmin #training

proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

I have Business Opinions. Every useful new development in management technique in the last fifty years or more has essentially been "What if we stopped doing Taylorism in this one specific way?" The fact that we keep playing Whac-A-Mole with Scientific Management ideas from the 1890s is an indication of the sickness of the system as a whole.

TFW, you look at code you wrote that's been running mostly problem free for months, except for that one edge case bug and wonder "How the *ff did that ever work at all?"

End of the year is causing me to seriously re-evaluate my employment situation. Not sure I like the guy in the mirror much these days

Some of the libraries in Finland🇫🇮 have workshops equipped with soldering stations, laser cutters, woodworking tools, 3D printers and sewing machines. The staff is extremely lovely and helpful 😁

That's how staying relevant, as a place of science and culture, looks like

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