@robey I used to tutor German as an undergrad. I actually didn't know german all that well, but most of it was teaching English grammar and parts of speech. German is impossible if you don't already know these concepts in English.

@farhan @greyor@social.privacytools.io The problem with gopher was it was really just ascii. The protocol was fine, it was lack of inline images and text formatting. Gopher was really meant for grad students sitting in front of vt100's.

@farhan @greyor@social.privacytools.io Hmm, I didn't mean that Netscape killed gopher support literally. Although that may have happened. I know Marc Andressen was very anti-gopher at the time. I was trying to get all the SuperComputing centers to put their docs on gopher in the early 90's and he flamed me a couple times for that. Basically everyone that was running a large gopher site switched to http by 94.

@greyor@social.privacytools.io @farhan Netscape pretty much killed gopher in 1994, it had a short life span in the early 90's. There is a retro gopher revival movement. gopher.quux.org:70/

@gudenau And people wonder why burnout is so high for security engineers...

@ashfurrow I can see both sides of this, but I feel the intent of the covenant is unrealistic for a volunteer effort. To me the covenant implies 24x7 support for root level actions on the server. That level of trust and knowledge seems unrealistic for a volunteer low budget operation. An escrow key is nice, but the knowledge of what do with that key is critical and frankly rare.

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If you think the software that runs our infrastructure is terrifyingly fragile, wait till you see our system of laws and rights.

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@XuZiShun Mostly I'm from 40 years ago when there was a lot less to learn about computers. Computing was much more focused on solving engineering problems back then. I'm in the USA, I went to a pretty good High School. But things have changed a lot since I was being educated.

@fool I too dream of being chased around the english countryside by giant bubbles...

@XuZiShun I suspect learning the value of ISO 9001 certification will be among the most important things for you in the long term. 9001 is one of the most useless ones out there. It doesn't mean you actually do anything, it just means you document your level of incompetence. Standards compliance is the stench of failure.

@XuZiShun I'm no expert on what is taught these days, but solving 2x2 linear equations was my first exposure to matrices in high school. It was only until much later in college that I learned that matrices were useful for anything but solving systems of linear equations.

TBH, I find much the same sense of shock when the discussion of floating point limitations comes up. In my day that was more or less the second week of programming 101 in college.

@XuZiShun I suspect they assume that you've already seen that application of matrices in a much lower level math class.

@lotus42 What's with all the fancy colors... We had 40 columns of glowing orange and we liked it.

What color is a blackbody?

A blackbody, in this context, is just an object glowing with its own heat in a way unaffected by its composition. Things like hot iron or the interior of a glass furnace.

As the temperature rises, a blackbody starts to get brighter very rapidly. But its color also changes. We are familiar with red going to yellow going to white as an object gets hotter, but is that all that happens? What does it look like? (1/n)


position: -0.736335778486976 + -0.1629650195590547i
pixel width: 1.2632594815274115e-07

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