Never really thought a subject like breathing could be so fascinating. We do it all the time and mostly without thinking, but in reality there is so much to it. Both when we do it correctly as well as when do it incorrectly. If you are remotely interested in the subject, I highly recommend the following book.

And before you decide whether it is worth reading, please find below my 13 main take-aways. Surely some of it is interesting for you.

The transformative power of health trackers.

Health trackers are very popular gadgets. They come in at different price ranges and have different functionalities, but they clearly serve a purpose: people wish to track aspects of their activity and health, and the knowledge obtained can help stimulate making changes for the better.

A very interesting podcast episode about the future of eCommerce and the role of Shopify in it.
How Shopify’s network of small businesses can take on Amazon - Decoder with Nilay Patel

Nilay Patel talks with Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify.

Galaxy SmartTag: How to find things out of 120m Bluetooth range | Samsung

Meet Galaxy SmartTag to help you locate your lost items. Here is how you can find your tagged items in a simpler and smarter way even when it is out of range...

A pretty good video explaining how these tags work and showcasing the strong market position of Samsung is useful for this product.

The Ultimate Desktop iPad Experience - Kensington StudioDock

Pretty great accessory... Very pricey, but lovely!

Tech trends as seen by a quanitative futurist (Future Today Institute)... a very interesting read

Samsung & Windows: Here’s Everything You Can Do!

<< It really is starting to look more and more compelling.

Spotify podcast listeners to top Apple’s for the first time in 2021, forecast claims – TechCrunch

Investors have been waiting for Spotify’s multimillion-dollar bet on podcasting to pay off, in terms of increased paid subscriptions or improved revenues. But before that can occur, Spotify has to get more people listening to podcasts through its app. On that front, the streaming service has …

<< I have personally not used Spotify for this, but rather use PocketCasts.

I have really gotten myself into the Samsung ecosystem now: smartphone, tablet, watch, fast charger and two pairs of headphones. Also, I use Samsung Health, Bixby and Samsung Pay rather than Google Health, G Assistant and G Pay.

It's a pretty good ecosystem to be in and considerably cheaper than Apple's I'd argue.

ECG support for Galaxy Watch 2, Watch 3 rolling out to 31 markets - SamMobile

<< A big update for the watch. One I was waiting for to be honest. I just updated the OS on the watch and now waiting for the Samsung Health app update to come through.

Samsung extends security updates for Galaxy phones to 4 years | ZDNet

Previously, Samsung only guaranteed security updates for 3 years.

<< This is pretty great news. I am glad Samsung is pushing for this.

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