I'm trying to migrate from mastodon.technology to another server, but I keep getting the "is not an alias of this account" error, even though I'm sure I did set up the alias on the new account. Anybody got a hint how to fix that?

For the record: I'm not leaving Twitter, at least not yet. Social networks take time to develop, and right now Mastodon is missing a lot of people/companies/topics I want to follow. So I'll be around on both for a while, and see how things go.

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Using Twitter to search for other people's Mastodon is the new using Microsoft Edge to download Google Chrome. 🤣

Today I was gifted by the InfoSec team with an internal badge for my outstanding contributions to the corporate-wide security. Thanks for the recognition! Happy to be of service. 🥰

There are two types of "perfect Sunday": the ones you wanna go somewhere and it's sunny ☀️, and the one that you don't wanna go anywhere and it's rainy 🌧️. Today is one of those days. ☺️

I just realized I handle my hobbies in Agile sprints: each week I find something to dedicate myself for the entire period, and sometimes I leave some projects unfinished, but forget to move them to the backlog. 🤓

Hey people, what do you do with your raw videos after you edit your desired clips? Do you keep them forever? If you do, how do you store them? Local disk or GoPro Cloud?

What is more unnecessary than commenting a line that needs to be removed, if the file is going to be pushed to git? 🙄

I was here wondering if any "bad guy" still does dumpster diving to find our personal information (like SSN), or if they just sit around and wait for someone to leave an AWS S3 bucket open. 🤔

Imagine being frustrated by not having enough disk space, then you spend a lot of time scavenging your house searching for a USB drive, it's slow but works, then you go format the drive and you realize: you simply did not allocate the entire disk on your laptop. Doh! 😒

The purchase order says "shipped via UPS air", the tracking number says "on the way via UPS ground". Why would a vendor lie like that? 🙄

@ChrisShort do you mean like you can rarely find the people you wanna find, and you rarely remember to post anything? 🤣

It's horrible when I have to read email headers and every single SMTP hand-off hop has a different timezone. 😤

Three full days neglecting all my social media, probably going into the fourth. This is not about Twitter or Mastodon, it's about IRL being busy. TTYL.

@lotus42 Would you care to share why? I'm genuinely curious about your reasons.

I haven't used an Xbox controller in many years. Just tried one. It's horrible. The grip is too small, and the triggers are too close to the bumpers. No, thanks. I'll stick with my PlayStation controller.

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