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Heute reden die Verkehrsminister*innen u.a. über Tempolimits – ein heiß umkämpftes Thema, gegen das sich Volker Wissing schon lange wehrt. Zuletzt behauptete er, es gäbe nicht genug Verkehrsschilder 🤪 Doch was weiß das Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr? 🧵

A small Rust debugging utility crate: atomic-dbg

Atomic versions of dbg, eprintln, and eprint, which can be used almost anywhere. Very handy for very low-level debugging.

Der heute(?) releaste #Firefox 100 unterstützt jetzt übrigens die gleichzeitige Verwendung mehrerer Wörterbücher zur Rechtschreibprüfung. Saugeil, wenn man in mehreren Sprachen schreibt.

Enarx is an open source framework for running WebAssembly applications in TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments).

Enarx is completely written in Rust and includes an SGX shim, an X86_64 unikernel via KVM with SEV-SNP support.

Our contributions to Rust include:

* static-pie support
* x86_64-unknown-none Tier 2 target
* stabilization of naked functions
* network support for wasm32-wasi
* bindeps feature for cargo

Created my first blog post for the Enarx project.

From to Pi — Extending the Enarx Development Platforms

Enarx can now be compiled on additional platforms in a light development version.

My advice to the new citizens of Mastodon. First of all: Welcome! Thank you for being around.

Find at least one interesting profile by going through their timeline. Have a look at their followers and who they follow. Follow them all :) You can always unfollow later. Give it a bit of time. You don’t have to frantically check your timeline. Once a day or even a week is the better approach. You’ll be surprised how a slow but steady approach results in a fascinating timeline. Hope this helps!

✨ I won free load testing!

My website was DDoS'd this week. Why wasn't my website resilient in the first place? Why didn't Cloudflare's DDoS protection kick in?

All this and some Rust code (I've made some changes) in the full post-mortem:

Open source in action and a step closer to EU's #digital sovereignty👉we joined forces w/ to enable technically the #FEDIVERSE pilot.

It shows how #opensource contributes to strategic areas such as data privacy and protection.

Find us on EU_Voice & EU_Video

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We are pleased to be able to be part of the new innovative social media platforms that the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) is launching today in a public pilot phase. Decentralised, free and open-source, these two social networks connect users in a privacy-oriented environment.
Our CdT accounts are available here:
➡️ EU Voice CdT account:
➡️ EU Video CdT account:

Press Release:!8x4DBn

The proposals include, among others:

🔹European minimum wages
🔹Guaranteed access to healthcare
🔹Accomplishing the green transition


📷 EP: Michel Christen

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18 years ago...

Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined the EU.


A first generation of citizens now entering adulthood have only known their country being in the EU!


Nachdem wir vor Wochen das erste mal mit Medikamenten in #Kyiv waren, hat sich inzwischen fast die ganze Politprominenz in der #Ukraine sehen lassen. Für unseren nächsten Transport fehlen noch gut 4000€. Tröte den Link (, damit wir wieder lebenswichtige Medikamente bringen können! #nancypelosi

Die Produktion von Erdöl hat direkte Klimaeffekte. Methan, ein potenteres Treibhausgas als Kohlendioxid, tritt regelmäßig aus – in enormen Mengen.
Methan-Ausstoß von Ölquellen signifikant höher als gedacht

“Three-quarters of our crops depend on insect pollinators,” he said. “Crops will begin to fail. We won’t have things like strawberries. We can’t feed 7.5 billion people without insects.”

Together with extreme weather events like droughts, fire, floods, hail and storms we are headed for one hell of an insecure food production on a global scale.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe #KlimaKrise #KlimaKatastrophe

#COVID19 is now rushing through the whole family for the 2nd time within 3 months…

Luckily, nearly all of us are #vaccinated but it clearly shows it hits those non-vaccinated under 5 harder, that the German government utterly failed to protect with #mask mandates dropped, useless #quarantine policies and a completely disappointing anti-scientific change in politics due to the coalition being brought to its knees by the #neoliberal #FDP

#corona #lauterbach #buschmann #germany #kids #vaccination

In den 2000er Jahren war #Deutschland das Mekka der SOLARINDUSTRIE.

20 Jahre später sitzt der Großteil der Branche in China.

Zwischen 2012 und 2015 hat die damalige Bundesregierung (#CDU #CSU #SPD) die Solarindustrie abgewickelt...
#Energiewende #Solarstrom #Photovoltaik

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