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Does anyone know WHY I can't submit my website to DuckDuckGo directly for crawling?

It's hard to ditch google completely or take DDG seriously till they have their own webmaster tooling :(

Hey Mastodon, anyone here from New Zealand?

I haven't watched the news since I've been here and I'm wondering which is the "best" TV channel to follow?

@mike_ Hey. I saw your I, Robot post from 6 years ago! Sounded like a fun project. Did you finish that robot yet? Any pics/notes?

Websites that split username and password fields onto two separate pages should be blown up. Extremely.

I recently joined a uni to complete a post-graduate and they want me to make a Facebook account to connect with the other students.

After years of saying no I may have to give in. Studying in a new country is hard enough but doing it alone and isolated would make it worse.

Typing in the URL bar. I'm reminded of that scene in every horror movie where the teens are about to open the door and you KNOW they'll get axemurdered. Brrrrr.

Maybe some day I can buy back my soul.

After 2 years of waiting and waiting and waiting I've finally landed in Hawke's Bay New Zealand!!!

RT @krisnova
Linux trivia. So `scp` is deprecated. The official post suggests rsync or sftp to replace it.

1. You will pry `scp` from my cold dead fingers
2. You should use rclone

One of my kickstarters, whose EU shipping got waylaid by Brexit, delivered this week. Now to find the energy to learn how to play this.

Energy charter treaty makes climate action nearly illegal in 52 countries. Governments must compensate fossil fuel companies for lost future earnings.

"An update on negotiations mentioned that existing fossil fuel investments are due to be protected until 2033, meaning governments will be liable for compensation if they close a coal plant prematurely."

Another update on!

1. Now tracking 80+ different fediverse software.
2. Better instance categories.
3. Updated code of conduct.

I'm loving how the new Proton apps use the same design and style language for a seamless experience.

They've really come a long way and built a worthy competitor to Google. I'm hoping Proton Drive will be rclone compatible at some point down the road and I can ditch Google Drive for good.

#TIL The HTML <blink> tag was just a joke. Netscape got the idea from a chat, "what special effect is possible for browsers on a Unix terminal?" Lou Montulli (Lynx author) joked "blinking text". Another implemented it as an Easter egg. And everything went out of control later...

> [...] blinking was constrained only to the UNIX version, but it didn't take long [...] to spread [...]. I remember thinking that this would be a pretty harmless easter egg, that no one would really use it, but I was very wrong. When we released Netscape Navigator 1.0 we did not document the blink functionality in any way, and for a while all was quiet. Then somewhere, somehow the arcane knowledge of blinking leaked into the real world and suddenly everything was blinking. "Look here", "buy this", "check this out", all blinking. Large advertisements blinking in all their glory. [...]
> In the end, the thing that I am truly sad about, is that Lynx never did get to blink.

:blobcatgiggle: #retrocomputing

Catching up on "The Boys" and they're referencing that very real time that Pepsi looked at BLM and thought, "All this protest movement needs is a band and some cola and we've got a party!" and it's painful to remember I still live on this planet.

Another update on!

1. Now tracking 80+ different fediverse software.
2. Better instance categories.
3. Updated code of conduct.

A practical guide to light and dark mode in Bootstrap 5 and Jekyll. Implementing light and dark mode on your Bootstrap 5 + Jekyll website.

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