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“This is why we have Leap Years”

Animation explaining the discrepancy between the Earth’s rotation as a division of 24 hours and its orbit as a division of 356 days

Finished reading "Death's End" by Cixin Liu.

It was an amazing trilogy overall, but the ending was kind of weak given the level of world-building Cixin undertook in the last novel. Especially the last chapter kind of came out of nowhere for me.

There were multiple themes explored in this last book, each of which probably deserve their own novel, but they could have been put together more fluidly.

The first 2 are on my top 10 list, not so sure about this one.

I'm looking for a minimalistic icon set for my blog which also contains the Mastodon icon.

At the least the set should contain: mastodon, linkedin,, steam, and github.

I can't find one consistent icon set that contains them all.

Any ideas?

Google is in the oil and gas business? wtf? I kind of missed this bomb.

What little I know about this is that they plan to use ML/AI to make oil extraction smarter, but I have concerns about a company like Google getting into this business, when they have a history of not exactly listening to people. Not sure how this will play out, but I'm concerned to say the least.

My first thought was to google this and find out more, and now I'm just downright petrified.

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

Finished enjoying another Cixin Liu.

Dark Forest was awesome, great mix of science fiction and human psychology. The Dark Forest theory reveal in the end was inspiring, and it was great seeing Luo Ji coming into his own as a character. I didn't put much stock in him in the beginning, but then the whole story wrapped around him like a glove.

Starting the third book now, kind of sad that this is the last... but all good stories must come to an end.

This is undoubtedly one my most controversial opinions, but people hacking into and verbally threatening Ring users is probably the best thing that could happen here.

Even people who don't give a shit about surveillance are afraid. And that's good.

I'm doing Advent of Code for the very first time this year. The programming problems are addictive!

My language of choice in .

I am posting my solutions so far on my repo:

(obviously, they are have spoilers)

Currently reading Three-body problem by Cixin Liu.

I don't know if he's the first Chinese sci-fi writer, but I'm really appreciating the new perspective he's writing from. I guess I've always read western sci-fi without thinking about it much.

He also has a physics background, and the premise is a good mix of realistic and imaginative, which makes the suspension of disbelief not so hard.

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