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Create a series of posts with navigation in Jekyll. Add Jekyll posts into a series with series navigation.

The Fediverse has lots of blind and partially-sighted users who rely on audio screen reader software to tell them what is going on.

Here's how to make your posts more suitable for screen readers:

-Use CamelCase on hashtags, where each new word has a capital letter, for example #DogsOfMastodon instead of #dogsofmastodon. CamelCase makes it much easier for screen readers to see the different words and read them out properly.

-Don't use long groups of emoji all next to each other, these are really irritating to hear read out loud.

-Add text descriptions to images and videos before you post them. Do this by attaching the file and clicking "edit" before you post it, then add the description.

p.s. The Mastodon bug where CamelCase hashtags were being accidentally replaced has now been fixed (

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y

bash: man if
zsh: man if
fish: man if
dash: man if
ksh: man if
powershell: Get-Help about_If

Thanks all. I've decided to try Hetzner because they're cheap and if it all turns out to be a big mistake or a waste of time, then I've lost very little money.

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Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in #less.

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

RT de Adfree Cities :

"A ban on #junkfood advertising by Transport for London has contributed to a 1,000 calorie decrease in unhealthy purchases in people’s weekly shopping, a study has estimated."😲What other ads need more regulation to help communities feel happier & healthier? #JunkFoodAds

Ezri: My anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the future
Ezri: but from wanting to control it.
Garak: My anxiety can beat up your anxiety.

Huh.. Did you know that this is the official non-rotated "Earth Rise" photo from 1968.

The original photo has been rotated 95 degrees so that the moon's surface is not visible on the right, but at the bottom. This makes it seem as if the earth is rising above the horizon. The tilt caused our planet to rotate 135 degrees from its normal north-south position. Antarctica can be seen at the top left.

#Moon #Luna #Apollo #Earth

“Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if Meta can not process Europeans' data on US servers”

Yes, please!

Get the fuck off my planet, you deranged fuckwits. Paying $1000 to have a few Zoom calls "in style"?

Also why the fuck is this bullshit scam-masquerading-as-investment asshattery in the "science" section of the news?

Heya! Figured I'd see if other places can be good art venues now that twitter is turning into an NFT shithole.
I'm Boog, I make comics and art for tabletop rpgs! Check out my work at

Finnally managed to add light and dark mode to my Bootstrap 5 blog. It was as exciting as a headache. The steps are below in case any one is still stuck.

Hi all; can anyone send me examples of other co-ops that are on the fediverse? Not Twitter bridges, cooperatives that actually engage on here. Thanks!

breaking the problem down into smaller problems is fine, but nobody guaranteed that all the small solutions will finally form one big solution and not one big mess

Google is pushing with #FLoC, moving the focus on "Topics" as if it is fine that my #browser tells every site I visit which are my interests.

Privacy is not a new tool to profile people. Shame on #Google to use that word this way.


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