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my LinkedIn has mostly people trying to "build their brand" and facebook tier political memes, along with people taking selfies for some reason when they get a job

shame it actually is a reasonably good tool for finding a job or I wouldn't keep mine

I tried to search for "fediverse" on LinkedIn and, surprise surprise, I didn't find many promising results.

Are there any companies, startups, or enterprises working to further the somehow? I'm sort of looking for a new employer and would like working for someone who aligns with my personal goals.

Thoughts or leads?

I'm a few days late, but happy #2022 to the !

I'm sure 2022 will be very busy for all of us, but let's take out a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days, to make the fediverse a better place for all!

Reading the Mastodon Recap of 2021, I wish the rest of the universe was more like the fediverse.

"Sometimes you test your code. Sometimes your code tests you."

- Confucius is now live!

Thanks to everyone who provided early feedback. If you have some time, please give it a go and let me know what you think :)


Sketchdaily catchup Dec 18

catchup doodles
Dec 11 Bee Movie 345/365
Dec 12 Wheel of Time 346/365
Dec 13 Sketching Tree 347/365
Dec 14 Rumble and Frenzy 348/365
I am so so behind again!


This is the reply I got from #Hetzner abuse department about the botnet actor on that has been suspended for a week or so..

I gotta explain to them 443 is used for freaking SSL/HTTPS by nginx?! :amaze:

So happy that my change of job and my own personal aversion to deploying anything involving Java means I don't have to follow the log4j news updates. 😁

According to numbers there are more active websites than ever before, so the open web isn't dying it's just that attention is getting captured by a few familiar brands.

Just started watching Halt And Catch Fire.

"Computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing."

And I'm loving it :)

This log4j exploit = remote code execution in basically everything

Arbitrary code execution in iCloud, Twitter, Steam, CloudFlare, Amazon, Tesla, Baidu, Tencent

This may well be devastating 0day RCE exploit that has ever been dropped in all of history.

:drake_dislike: cloud computing ☁️
:drake_like: clown computing 🤡


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mira, mellor edito isto

Síguenos en Twitter, hai que joderse.

being on mastodon has taught me that my cursed thoughts really aren't that bad in perspective
thanks weirdos

My good deed of today: talked a colleague into creating a Mastodon account. 👼

Next: the company.

Amazon's extensive supply chain investments, mostly focused on domestic US logistics, make it very attractive to third-party merchants and customers (Ben Thompson/Stratechery) - Ben Thompson / Stratechery:
Amazon's extensive supply chain investments, mostly focused... -

"How your software profession is seen by other professionals - A matrix chart"

submitted by harsh5161

final week before the premiere of the final season of The Expanse

Wow, just noticed our #tilvids #Mastodon account has over 600 people following it! For comparison, our Twitter account only has 183 followers. I only started our Mastodon account after being badgered by our community to support another decentralized service, but I have to guys have really blown me away with the support! Mastodon is an awesome service, and I'm so happy I was encouraged to make a profile over here!

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