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Karrot is a free open source platform for sharing real life resources (for example excess food, to prevent it going to waste).

You can follow the project at:

โžก๏ธ @karrot

The main instance is at

You can find the source code at

(The emphasis is on food, but the platform can be used to share anything.)

#Karrot #Activism #CoOp #CoOperative #FoodSharing #FoodAndDrink #FoodWaste #Food #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #NGOs #Environment

'Some of Americaโ€™s most prominent companies, including #Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney, are backing business groups that are fighting landmark #climate legislation, despite their own promises to combat the #climatecrisis, a new analysis has found.'



Want to help the climate crisis? Don't toss your old iPhone, fix it.

As taxing as the manufacturing process is on the environment, it's only made worse by how quickly most consumers discard their devices.

there was a sweet spot for the Internet spanning roughly the time period of 2000-2010 where everyone was getting fast Internet connections, we happily shared software, movies and games, and nobody cared what you uploaded or posted, social media had no real influence, we talked on cute IM services and life was good.


Iโ€™m in this photo and I donโ€™t like it!


โ€ฆand thatโ€™s where you lose me. working so you can stay alive to keep working, and maybe kill time on the Internet, and you canโ€™t even travel very far because you gotta show up for work 5 days a week. youโ€™re just kind of existing.

Saw someone say "to be cringe is to be free" and its stuck in my head

It is so nice when technology works.

Got myself some train tickets (I like trains! ๐Ÿš† ), confirmation went to my e-mail address which I self-host using @yunohost.

I read the e-mail in the Mail app on my @nextcloud instance (on the same yunohost server), and of course it helpfully suggested I add the travel dates and relevant info into my Nextcloud calendar.

We *can* have nice things. Anyone who says cannot be user-friendly is lying through their teeth.

I'm not enjoying Foundation. Lee Pace would have made a much better Eto Demerzel than Cleon. The pace of the show seems rushed as well - I've watched both eps and still know nothing about who Hari Seldon is as a person. In fact, I don't think I know any of the characters at all.

Hi fediverse, I've finally implemented search functionality on using Lunr search. The site is still work-in-progress, but feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Something very fucked up just happened. I got a notification from Google saying "For an experience more appropriate to your age, we've changed some settings", and I was like "What the hell???". Apparently they recognized that I'm 18 because I had to take a picture of my ID card earlier today. This is outright creepy. I wanna degoogle my phone right now.

Hi fediverse, I'm working on to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


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