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Found this awesome explainer on the impact of Facebook's Libra:

"Facebook's plan to control the global financial system"

Quick question:

Bitwarden can save the TOTP for a website, reducing 2FA back to 1FA. Does it make sense to use it?

Aaron Swartz. Born on this day! November 8, 1986. He would have been 33 today.

November 9 will be observed all over the world as Aaron Swartz Day — an annual event to celebrate Aaron Swartz’s legacy as an activist, programmer, entrepreneur & political organizer.

Hackathons would be organised, where diverse & passionate folks would gather & exchange ideas with each other, who believe in Freedom of #Information & #Education and Securing Digital Space for all.

Remember 9th November! 💜

Personal action to reduce #CO2. What people belief and that’s fact, see here:

It's an interesting feeling to be homesick when home is no longer a place... when home is instead a distributed network of friends flung across the globe.

At this point, understanding computers isn't even about understanding the difference between GOTO and GOSUB or knowing what TCP/IP stands for - or even *is*. It's about understanding power. If you buy a laptop off Amazon, boot into Windows, log into Facebook, and check your Gmail, you're entering into exploitative power relationships where you - like the workers who made the laptop, sold you the laptop, delivered the laptop, the workers who manually moderate your Facebook feed, like the miners who dug up the copper and cobalt - are at the bottom.

Much like a job where you exchange your time and labor for capital, you are exchanging your personal relationships for convenience.

In order to get out from under this, you *do* need to educate yourself somewhat. You gotta know how certain things work. You don't have to become a programmer or hacker though. It's not the fucking Matrix. You just have to understand things enough to manipulate them and know where you stand.

“TVs emit a tone during ad breaks that is inaudible to humans but that smartphones are listening for; now corporate entities can link the tv & phone as belonging to the same person”

Is AWS/GCP making us stupider?

After using Lambda in production for several weeks, I'm wondering if the increasing number of abstraction layers is divorcing us more from underlying concepts.

A few interns joined my team recently, and their first exposure to dev/ops was Lambda. I'm wondering if they'll be able to reason problems from first principles, when their first introduction to pro IT is some vendor's abstraction layer? They haven't lived in pre-AWS reality.

Is it just digital native vs immigrant?

Note to self:
When your hash check is failing, make sure you are hasing the right file before going down the rabbit hole of "the hash function works on the other 1.5K files...."

Taming AWS costs with Cost and Usage Reports + AWS Athena

"The CUR, is the successor to the old Detailed Billing Report. Both CUR and DBR generate estimated costs based on AWS service, usage type, resource tags, etc., and push it to S3 for analysis.

The difference is that while DBR generates CSV files, CUR generates more database-friendly GZ or Parquet files. AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, and AWS QuickSight can then ingest these directly for analysis."

Taming AWS costs with Cost and Usage Reports + AWS Athena

"The Cost and Usage Report, or CUR, is the successor to the old Detailed Billing Report. Both CUR and DBR generate estimated costs based on AWS service, usage type, resource tags, etc., and push it to S3 for analysis. These can then be used to aggregate and analyze costs for better visibility and control of AWS spending."

DigitalOcean spaces in Amsterdam has been a pain in the ass lately. Can't upload, download, or even list files for about 3TB of data. It's been a week like this. Moving to S3, even though I don't want to.

Best wishes, DO. It's not me, it's you.

Google admitted that contractors can access recordings made by Assistant, after some of its recordings were leaked.

Been absolutely refusing to use any of these devices for precisely this reason. Google and Amazon have both been very quiet on how data is kept and access to it. The recent NHS direct news, teaming up with amazon to give medical advice, horrified me for exactly this.
Both companies have had data breaches, they should be allowed nowhere near NHS services

We provide HTTPS to more than 150M domains. There are many ways to get involved with Let's Encrypt and support a more secure Web!

One thing love about is that unknowning devs think I'm Doctor Strange. This bleeds over into project scoping where I consistently turn 14 points into 2 points. AWS, I've come to bargain.

I read this for the first time today, do you know if this was followed up?

"Stevey's Google Platforms Rant"

Putting my foot down. No more competitive gaming, including Rocket League.

If I game with friends, co-op only. If I game alone, singleplayer only. I am missing out on some great singleplayer experiences because I’ve been giving in to the “rush” of competitive gaming.

The “rush” isn’t worth it anymore. The hit of dopamine is all it is. It’s just a button I push to create brain chemicals. The other side of it is I always come out of competitive gaming feeling “worse” in my overall well-being. Yikes.

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