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Best code comment I saw last week:

// Yes, this is a static method that calls other static methods that define functions in the global namespace. I'm sorry.

"So now let’s connect all the dots. Capitalism didn’t just rape the planet laughing, and cause climate change that way. It did something which history will think of as even more astonishing. By quite predictably imploding into fascism at precisely the moment when the world needed cooperation, it made it impossible, more or less, for the fight against climate change to gather strength, pace, and force."

People are Happier in Social Democracies Because There’s Less Capitalism

"Because in America, the very same thing which in Europe are provided freely to all — healthcare, education, media, transport, retirement, childcare, and so on — are things which people must compete for. Because these things are life’s essentials — not luxuries, but necessities — the result is that the average American is forced to fight a bruising, bitter, endless battle. With whom? With everyone."

How do you browse websites in Firefox that need Tracking Protection disabled?

I want to apply for jobs, but the InstaHyre website is completely broken if I enable Tracking Protection in Firefox. It's not the only website that breaks, but its one of the worst offenders. They have too many analytics and tracking JS in their code.

Do you maintain a separate browser for websites that track you?

Eclipse is one IDE that I just cannot abide. It lacks anything even resembling decent UX, and flies in the face of every other IDE/text editor workflow I've encountered.

I’m also annoyed at the people who say “it’s just all your browsing data so what’s the big deal?” It’s my *browsing data* that’s exactly why it’s a big deal!!!

Really enjoying Stephen Pinker's "Enlightenment Now" - it's a well-cited and uplifting read, but the bigger takeaway for me so far is that it has made me realise that not reading the latest news headlines may not be such a bad thing. Always felt a bit of an ignoramus in not keeping up.

Especially in these times of news from all sides being often partisan, biased and occasionally outright fabricated, you're likely to get a better pulse on the state of the world by brushing up on your history and statistics.

@TheKinrar I'm getting a lot of duplicates in the endpoint. I'm sending the next_id as min_id in the instances list request. How should I fix this? The API response contains the duplicates.

How do I use the API to get the URL of the instance? The response doesn't contain it. This is the response for one of the instances:

Doctor: I'm terribly sorry but the tests are back. Your child is artistic.

Parents: (sob)

Doctor: Now don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Your child will never have the mind of an executive, but with modern innovations like Etsy, Patreon and Kickstarter, they may be able to pay rent well into their mid-20s.

Parent: Did... did crayons do this

Doctor: Who can say? We're exposed to so many forms of art every day: music, poetry, language, geometry..

Parent: We're getting crayons BANNED

During my early pre-adult life, one of my father figureheads would never do anything unless they made monetary profit or could hold it against someone for future "favours."

Growing up, I lost all interest in doing something, if money ever became involved. I hated (and still hate) how money turns people into monsters.

I would have all the passion and drive to build / program / design / learn for a project, so long as it was beneficial to others. As soon as I accepted any sort of salary, I very quickly wanted to get out.

I still feel this way, and I dislike the idea that I may need to accept money from some shit company to continue to make ends meet.

I really need to realign my life so I am building on things that are beneficial for everybody.

There are many projects that I know I could contribute to, but somewhere along the last few years, I have somehow built up an anxiety against doing anything I actually desire to. :/

Quick question: What is obs_rank in the Mastodon instances API? For example, this is the response for

name: ""
obs_rank: "B "
obs_score: 75
open_registrations: true
statuses: "283433"

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