@root @whoisrbkn @mike I think the problem is that the rise of crypto happened as people lost faith in the traditional economy. So as more and more people were kicked out of the financial system, or because their investments didn't keep up with inflation, they turned to crypto to get rich quick.

@whoisrbkn @mike not OP but personally i think cryptocurrency is an alright concept but the problem is that it went from "what if commerce was not controlled by one single organization" to "here's a new thing you can invest in"

I just found out today that bollywood actors are on fucking LinkedIn now 😭 🤦‍♂️

It's just sad. I miss having a place to connect with people in a professional setting. But I guess this is the final nail in the coffin.

Goodbye LinkedIn. We hardly knew you.

"Currently, Microsoft is actively blocking #Tutanota email addresses from registering a Microsoft Teams account. This severe anti-competitive practice forces our customers to register a second email address – possibly one from Microsoft themselves – to create a Teams account.

When asked to change the current situation, a spokesperson for Microsoft simply said it would not be possible for them to allow people to register a Teams account with a Tutanota email address. Period. We repeatedly tried to solve the issue with Microsoft, but unfortunately our request was ignored."


I'm starting to realize that if I don't start accumulating mugs with weird things written on them, people are going to gift me a bunch of mugs with normal things written on them instead.

Google’s video chat merger begins: Now there are two “Google Meet” apps

"Google has a help article detailing this extremely confusing situation, calling the two Meet apps "Google Meet (original): The updated Meet app" and "Google Meet: The updated Duo app." The "Google Meet (original)" app will someday be put out to pasture; it's just sticking around while Google rebuilds the meeting functionality on top of Google Duo. Did everyone follow that?"


4 Aug:
"GitLab plans to delete dormant projects in free accounts"

Oh no!

5 Aug:
"GitLab U-turns on deleting dormant projects after backlash"


If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

Amazon's carbon footprint spread 18% in 2021

"The company blamed COVID-19 on the shift, saying it had scaled its business at an unprecedented pace during the last two years to sell more stuff to customers during the pandemic. From early 2020 to the end of 2021, Amazon claims it doubled the size of its fulfilment network, and creating more than 750,000 full-time and part-time jobs worldwide."

This grow forever thing probably won't end well.


@mike Tell them to move Kubernetes, that'll fix it. Or Serverless. Definitely Serverless /s

microsoft edge just tried to bribe me to change my default browser for 500 microsoft rewards points

not today, satan

@brion The app by Duo Security worked pretty well. One of my previous enterprise orgs was using it. You log in, get the 2FA prompt on the Duo app, and that's it. Kinda like how Google prompts work atm.

@emacsomancer 2 years ago I finally bought a feature phone. It was a glorious 3 months until my friends missed me. It's hard to cut yourself off.

I feel bad for my non-techie friends. Privacy is getting harder and near impossible without hands-on tech skills. Android/Iphone isn't nearly enough.

For now, my S20 doesn't support Graphene. So my plan is to get a second-hand Pixel 6 and install Graphene. That's keep me safe-ish until I can convince the world to let me use a feature phone again :)

What if you took every song digitally available, along with their ratings, and shoved them into an ai...
Would love to hear what it could come up with.

@emacsomancer "Everything is indeed terrible." could be a tagline for a post-2020 world lol. Samsung security has been a mixed bag. It mostly sux but there have been instances where they've preemptively patched certain flaws. But I agree that overall Android security is pretty bad - I guess it's what we get for freedom of choice and market fragmentation. With no single company to hold accountable, vendors seem to patch vulns on their own time table.

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