Something very fucked up just happened. I got a notification from Google saying "For an experience more appropriate to your age, we've changed some settings", and I was like "What the hell???". Apparently they recognized that I'm 18 because I had to take a picture of my ID card earlier today. This is outright creepy. I wanna degoogle my phone right now.

@victoria Thanks! Right now search is via CTRL+F :D, but I'm working on search next. Haven't heard of Lunr, I'll definitely have a look.

Hi fediverse, I'm working on to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


@TheKinrar I'm working on I'd love to add a page for historical views if there's an API for it :D

Hey @TheKinrar, is down?

I've been getting MongoDB errors for 24 hours now.

"MongoServerSelectionError: connect ECONNREFUSED
at Timeout._onTimeout (/home/instances/instances/node_modules/mongodb/lib/core/sdam/topology.js:448:30)
at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:549:17)
at processTimers (internal/timers.js:492:7)"

I've been listening to on repeat for a few days now. Working in and living in a post-pandemic world where the rules seem to change at the drop of a hat, it's reassuring to see a band committed to its 40-year old roots and still put out great .

John Oliver talks about Afghanistan

This war began when I was a teenager, and it has been going on in the background while I've been living my life. I'm surprised by how quickly I became desensitised to it, and I'm wondering how much my apathy contributed to the current situation. A terrorist takeover of a country is unimaginable, and I hope it's not too late for Afghanistan.

John Oliver talks about Ransomware!

Another illuminating and hugely depressing show. I never thought I would ever hear the words Ransomware-as-a-Service. I guess it was only a matter of time :(

I recently discovered And they have a handy browser plug-in!

I've been in IT industry for 10 years, and I'm ashamed I only found Shodan now, but now that I have, I'm scanning all the thingz!

The evolution of Jekyll, Bootstrap, Netlify, static websites, and responsive design.

In this article, I'll highlight some ideas for Jekyll collections, blog category pages, responsive web-design, and netlify.toml to make static website maintenance a breeze.

@abeorch Happens to me every now and then. I have to deactivate my first sim, let the second become the primary, the reactivate the first sim. Then both sims work.

@cypnk You have your website on Tor? I know about Tor but nothing about Tor webadmin. Any resources to get me started? Thank you kindly in advance ๐Ÿ™‡

Netflix's VPN blocker makes me feel like we're in the dark ages.

They really expect me to turn off my VPN and expose myself so they can track me better? After I've already paid for the service?

@dnaka91 Vagrant is a real life saver. I'm still surprised a lot of people don't use it. You're right about Ansible being better at error handling and retries; bash would require too much boiler plate code to handle that. One thing I like is that once I'm happy with my Ansible setup, I can use it as a provisioner in Packer and get a golden image out of it :)

This has been in my website's privacy policy for over two years now, and so far no one has responded.

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