Tech companies in have started to massively cut costs across cloud infra, meaning a LOT MORE work for cloudops guys. I've been working 12 hours since the lockdown started in India and its taking a toll.

I thought wfh would make work easier but its getting a lot harder. Hopefully things return to normal soon. Our current pace of work in cloudops roles is unsustainable.

I took a leave for tomorrow to just recharge, can't step out but might just finish My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk.


Thanks for the link. Looking forward to reading the article. Link below is to a Google Doc with my favorite bits from the book. About 3 pages worth.

@kieran Expanse and Black Mirror are sci-fi favorites for me. This Is Us is also an awesome family show to watch, especially now.

@yakkoj I'm surprised amz deliveries are still happening, didn't they freeze deliveries some time back?

aaaand.... he's back!

"One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic."

Watched The Platform on Netflx yesterday.

A very unsettling movie on the surface, but a lot of themes reminded me of Snowpiercer and tricke-down economics, the latter quite literally. Class warfare, socialism, elitism, panopticon... quite a heady mix of ideas. Highly recommended.

I have very fond memories of Venice when I was there a few years ago. Feel very sorry to see what covid is doing to it now. Thoughts and prayers to people still there struggling every day, I hope things recover soon.

@robf Hey. Is this ESO? I started playing it recently, but a few hours in, the graphics kind of put me off. I'm a big fan of ES, but I'm wondering if ESO is worth the trouble in 2020. What say?

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