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Waking Up With Sam Harris podcast: #136 - DIGITAL HUMANISM

"In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Jaron Lanier about the economics, politics, and psychology of our digital lives. They discuss the insidious idea that information should be free, what we should want from an advanced economy, the role of advertising, libertarianism in Silicon Valley, the problems with social media, and other topics."

Quite a scathing article on the failure of open-source. Not sure what you guys think.

"Think about that — the most successful way to amass ridiculous sums of money and keep it to yourself is to build your business on open source software. During the time in which large companies have amassed fortunes with open source software, the wealth gap has continued to widen, and fewer independent software developers are paid directly for their work."

"Social media are a mechanism for capturing, manipulating and consuming attention unlike any other. That in itself means that power over those media—be it the power of ownership, of regulation or of clever hacking—is of immense political importance. Regardless of specific agendas, though, it seems to many that the more information people consume through these media, the harder it will become to create a shared, open space for political discussion"

Any good privacy-focused comment systems out there that I can integrate with my blog? I'm looking for something that takes privacy seriously. Been worried about that after my Disqus scare.


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