John Oliver talks about Ransomware!

Another illuminating and hugely depressing show. I never thought I would ever hear the words Ransomware-as-a-Service. I guess it was only a matter of time :(

How do you browse websites in Firefox that need Tracking Protection disabled?

I want to apply for jobs, but the InstaHyre website is completely broken if I enable Tracking Protection in Firefox. It's not the only website that breaks, but its one of the worst offenders. They have too many analytics and tracking JS in their code.

Do you maintain a separate browser for websites that track you?

Browsing YouTube today showed me a nice "A privacy reminder from YouTube, a Google company" popup, which is immediately suspicious.

Turns out the "popup" that prompts you to click "I agree" almost immediately is taking your permission to track your browsing activity WHEN YOU'RE SIGNED OUT of YouTube. Attaching a few choice screenshots. Be careful.

Also, if you DON'T want your data to be used by Google Analytics, you can download a browser add-on to "opt out" ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

This just made my day...

I installed Vivaldi and the default search engine is Bing (Bing?). My first search was for duckduckgo. And MS was really cute about the whole thing...

"Social media are a mechanism for capturing, manipulating and consuming attention unlike any other. That in itself means that power over those mediaโ€”be it the power of ownership, of regulation or of clever hackingโ€”is of immense political importance. Regardless of specific agendas, though, it seems to many that the more information people consume through these media, the harder it will become to create a shared, open space for political discussion"

Any good privacy-focused comment systems out there that I can integrate with my blog? I'm looking for something that takes privacy seriously. Been worried about that after my Disqus scare.


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