๐Ÿ‘‹ update!

I've added filtering support for categories, content filtering, languages, and minimum and maximum total users!

Thanks and @cfourtyone for the suggestions.

I'm still testing the new changes, but any and all early feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks, and stay tuned :)

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@ayushsharma22 @cfourtyone When I select a specific sub item, 'All' remains checked.

With keywords being blank, search returns all regardless of other options?

@AMSmith1972 @cfourtyone Thanks for pointing this out :)

I think the "All" sub-items are causing more confusion than actually helping, so I've removed them from all filters. Selecting no filters is basically "all".

And yes, no keywords and no filters selected will return all options.

@ayushsharma22 @cfourtyone Seems to behave as expected now. Thank you.

@ayushsharma22 @jiyuu Good news! : )
Another feedback: Fields are empty on some of Instance cards. So I think it affects filtering results

@cfourtyone Ideally they should, right? I mean if you're searching for English instances explicitly, then instances without that language set shouldn't appear. Is that's what's happening?

@ayushsharma22 @jiyuu Language was not my criteria in my search, but I think these fields should not be empty. I think this will provide more accurate search results.

@cfourtyone Agreed. But this data is coming from the backend, meaning this is what the instance admins are setting. I'm planning to change the algo to scrape instances directly, but it the admins don't set these values, there's little I can do :(

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