Hi fediverse, I'm working on to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


@ayushsharma22 This looks great! I wonder if you could use something like Lunr to add a search function?

@victoria Thanks! Right now search is via CTRL+F :D, but I'm working on search next. Haven't heard of Lunr, I'll definitely have a look.

@victoria You were spot on about Lunr! The search on is working really well, and I was able to use Lunr to add some much needed filtering. Thanks you so much for the tip!

Hello, my friends, what do you think of this new JoinMastodon (an instance finder) polished by @ayushsharma22?

@rikylinux_ar @Zergling_man @cfourtyone @olamundo @strawberryfieldsforever

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@ademalsasa I think it's pretty cool. It just needs a little more development. For example, the filtering feature could be more comprehensive. Thank you Ayush : ) @ayushsharma22 @rikylinux_ar @Zergling_man @olamundo @strawberryfieldsforever

@ayushsharma22 Neat, the search functionality seems broader than, though I think it could benefit from having some of the same tags that has.
Oh, ah, that's the data source. So population questions should go there.

Heh, pawoo is bigger than

@Zergling_man I'm planning to add those tags as search options, and maybe filtering by users as well. The list is not complete tho, but that's the only available data source. I couldn't find on that list :(

@ayushsharma22 Maybe worth becoming your own data source. Probe an instance, find out what it federates with (and what it blocks, kek), repeat.
At which point maybe worth having some sort of opt-out that just drops a note to admins when an instance is first discovered.
Though it's hard to write one of those without sounding like an ass.

I'm not sure how to find out what instances an instance federates with.

@Zergling_man @ayushsharma22 the least effort solution i can come up with without a programming background is to scrape the public timeline (if available) for unique domains present in the stream. it is not a good solution, but it might be a start :akkoConfused:

@jakob This is just my first version. Once the non-functional requirements are more or less complete, I'll start adding support for other fediverse projects, Pleroma at the very least. I could use some help tho - are there any APIs I can already use? Is there a list somewhere of other fediverse software?

mastodon ≠ activitypub  ≠  fediverse...

@ayushsharma22 great job! The idea to add a search is already mentioned, but this is a feature, that is missing atm. Keep it up!

@vilinhen The search option is on the Browse page powered by Lunr. I still need to add a search button to the main page tho :)

@ayushsharma22 for a start, don't copy the problems of the main Mastodon project and please, please, please don't use a dark theme by default. This comes with huge accessibility issues.

At the very least you need an easy and prominent theme switch option.

@mike A dark/light theme switch is a good idea. I guess I'm used to dark themes myself and didn't give it another thought. So thanks for calling this out!

It's great!
Showing character limit for a post would be a killer feature.
Also some rare instances (like only allow English public posts. I don't know if that requires a new tag or if the language tag means exactly that.

@ayushsharma22 less text. Don't show total number but active numbers: active users is more important then total users. Maybe add age of the instance?

@ayushsharma22 look at a good number of different context instances from other software too I suppose if you want a more generic view
@ayushsharma22 I've been using the fediverse as a social platform for like a year so that's what happens, on my other account I had like 20k too

@Hiker I know. I'm targeting mastodon rn, will start figuring out others once the site is more stable.

@ayushsharma22 Looks nice. I would put categories on the first page or put the search bar central.

Now the focus is on the big instances and it is best for the fediverse to nudge people away from them, rather than towards them.

Is too small to be listed? Or is metadata missing?

@VictorVenema Those are great ideas! Thanks :)

Right now I'm only using the top 1500 instead of all 3000 until I improve my search algo, but I'll make the updates to the dataset soon.

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