Any Google Analytics alternatives available? My requirements:

- Cloud-based and free.
- Just need a no-frills page counter.
- No tracking, no selling data, no stabbing me or my visitors behind our collective backs.

If you're just after a basic page counter, your webhost may offer that already through basic server analytics. The only decent privacy respecting options that come to mind otherwise are Matamo and Fathom, but their cloud options are quite expensive. Matamo offers a free self-hosted option as well. It sounds like they'd be overkill for your needs though.

@mynamesleon I'm using Netlify, not sure if they'll do a page counter thing. It would also be nice if I could just get most visited pages.

Ah right - I'm not aware of any built in analytics with netlify. There used to be some free, simple, cloud-based, privacy-respecting analytics platforms, but they're all pretty dead now - that combination of features just isn't sustainable financially. So your only real option left is to self-host, but those options are usually large and complex. You could look into some NodeJS options, but most have gone a bit stagnant now, or write some basic logging yourself?

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