I live in India, and I'll be voting for a new Prime Minister tomorrow.

Our news channels have taken all cues from Fox News, dividing our brains along party lines with false consciousness, and I doubt anyone knows about the issues our candidates represent, if at all.

We're mostly voting on what happened in the past, rather than what we expect from the future, but at least I'll be able to say I exercised by democratic right to pick from one of two choices in some rigged multiple-choice exam.

Before voting for a new prime minister, it is also incumbent upon us to think if the new one is better than the existing or no.
Who in the fore is better than Modi! Rahul Gandu? Mayawati? Mamata? Akhilesh? Sarad pawar? Vote wisely or u'll have to share burden of guilt

@ayushsharma22 ofcourse at the end of the day, its your vote and your consequence :-)

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