I just finished the Python Foundation Nanodegree program on Udacity.

Do you guys have any experience with getting jobs using Nanodegrees? Are they as recognized in the industry as I'm hoping they are?

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@neekz0r Udacity offers nano-degree programs. They're online courses that they claim have industry backing, and are a bit more challenging and interactive than the usual online course.

@ayushsharma22 That's my polite way of telling you probably not as much cred as they claim. :-/

@ayushsharma22 It's not a waste, but make sure you bring more to the table than just a nano-degree. You can bolster your experience by contributing to open source projects.

@ayushsharma22 I've been looking for an answer too before I put in effort for a Machine Learning course. Do let me know if you manage to receive some answers.

@ayushsharma22 Personal experience: contributing to #opensource projects & writing technical articles.

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