aaaand.... he's back!

"One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic."

Watched The Platform on Netflx yesterday.

A very unsettling movie on the surface, but a lot of themes reminded me of Snowpiercer and tricke-down economics, the latter quite literally. Class warfare, socialism, elitism, panopticon... quite a heady mix of ideas. Highly recommended.

I have very fond memories of Venice when I was there a few years ago. Feel very sorry to see what covid is doing to it now. Thoughts and prayers to people still there struggling every day, I hope things recover soon.

I frankly hope EU forces what should have always been. I'll rue the day my Note9's battery suddenly dies. (That phone is a year and a half old now; it may very well choose to pack up.)

Finally wrote this down after procrastinating for weeks. Turns out being locked in at home doesn't automagically make you a prolific writer

Replicating Bitbucket Pipelines on your laptop for local debugging

Really enjoyed this talk by Scott Galloway - describes what's up with Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple, and why it's up to us.

There are news reports coming out that will be even better for Amazon as people order from home. I wonder how things will turn out as bezos gets a bigger piece of the pie.

I hope everyone is safe @ home in these crazy times.

But after working from home for over a week, I'm starting to lose my shit. I can't decide between working/sleeping/eating/binging/writing/etc and its becoming hard to prioritize. And the boredom is off the charts.


I've never missed office more :O

How is everyone else holding up?

โ€œThis is why we have Leap Yearsโ€

Animation explaining the discrepancy between the Earthโ€™s rotation as a division of 24 hours and its orbit as a division of 356 days

Finished reading "Death's End" by Cixin Liu.

It was an amazing trilogy overall, but the ending was kind of weak given the level of world-building Cixin undertook in the last novel. Especially the last chapter kind of came out of nowhere for me.

There were multiple themes explored in this last book, each of which probably deserve their own novel, but they could have been put together more fluidly.

The first 2 are on my top 10 list, not so sure about this one.

I'm looking for a minimalistic icon set for my blog which also contains the Mastodon icon.

At the least the set should contain: mastodon, linkedin,, steam, and github.

I can't find one consistent icon set that contains them all.

Any ideas?

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