Still bummed the official app doesn't support local timelines. I will continue to complain about this.

I’m kinda back again! Things are going strong in here huh

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It’s disappointing when an app that I feel like needs a redesign gets a new logo. I get all excited launching it thinking it will be better now and all that’s changed is the logo.

Is it just me or has the phrase “you’re welcome” completely reversed its meaning. I never say it after someone says “Thank you”, as it almost sounds rude now? I say no problem, or some equivalent. I wonder if it’s a progression from people using “you’re welcome” as an aggressive statement after someone doesn’t thank them or does something that inconveniences them or something.

I’m having a day where my brain is an intense nostalgic mode. Remembering friends I don’t see any more, things I don’t do. It literally woke me up early this morning and wouldn’t let me get back to sleep.
I’ve had moments where I look back fondly on the past but never with the intensity I felt this morning.

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Woke up this morning seeing the apns server crunching at 165% capacity 😅
Hi new people :3
#Amaroq is more or less stale at the moment. I had grand plans to overhaul a lot of it and get back up to feature parity with the platform but just honestly don’t have the bandwidth to jump back into it right now. Keep an eye on @tootapp it’s going to be a fantastic app when it’s done.

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Ok, I think it’s safe to say that @tootapp is by far the slickest iOS Mastodon client out there so far! Love it!

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On a hot day a Vietnamese iced coffee is the way to go

Tootdon has a flashy UI but I recommend Amaroq still for an iOS client, far less buggy. Hasn’t got too much love lately but gets the job done.

I feel like there needs to be a hashtag on twitter where people can post their new username/instance handle and a tool people can run to parse their twitter feed for those and follow them in mastodon.

How dare you insult my knowledge of ancient dentistry!

I’m taking refuge from the bullshit of the world in here for a little while

How do people get started on new projects? I'm so drained after working my regular job I can't seem to ever get motivated to start a side project.

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