Thinking about starting my own instance so I can have more control, and do fun things like programmatically posting to my instance when I create a new blog post, custom bots, and other experimental things..


One idea I had: Is it possible to say, post a link to my blog post to Mastodon, then have any public comments that Masto post receives be displayed as comments on the blog post itself? Just found this Python wrapper for Mastodon, but not sure if it's capable of doing this:

Looking at the API, I think I just need to get the "context" of the toot, which that python package does support. Sweet!

@sproid that's really cool and a good idea, looks like they implement it with a unique hashtag for each app, which probably wouldn't work for blog posts. Anyway, it seems like it's relatively easy to get replies to a toot via the API.

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