"Anyone can use a web browser to inspect the source code on a web page using the “Inspect Elements” tool. By tabbing over to the “Img” section of the Network header, you’re able to find the URL of any Instagram image you’ve clicked on, be it a disappearing story or a photo posted to a user’s feed. That URL can then be shared and the photo viewed by anyone, including people who do not follow the private account in question."

Really, Instagram?

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We would be wise to look at the bigger impact of the #Amazon / #Ring surveillance model that allows the police to provide warrant-less video access to Ring doorbell #videos.

Amazon has sold (as of 2019) over 100 million Alexa devices.

If Amazon is willing to share unwitting information via the Ring Doorbell, what is to stop them from sharing wide-scale audio as well?

This is potentially a much bigger deal than Ring.

Let your friends know that their always-on devices can be used for no good.

My real concern is, will this be way more work than using something like Bootstrap? It also seems a little daunting to rewrite their entire site with vanilla JS, although I think I'm up for that challenge 🙂 I just really want to git rid of jQuery....

For the Front-End Devs out there: I need to decide the front-end stack for a large corporate website that uses Sitecore as a backend. My dilemma is whether to use a CSS library like Bootstrap or Materialize to speed up development. The downside is they both require jQuery. In 2019, is this still a decent option? I would love to be able to ditch jQuery, so I'm considering ditching Bootstrap/jQuery and going all in on CSS Grid/Flexbox while using Modernizr for fallbacks on older browsers.

U.S. Politics/NY Times Media Bias 

I've been using (and loving) Vue JS at work for several months, now I'm looking for Vue-based open-source projects to contribute to. I know Pleroma FE uses Vue, so I've been watching their issues ( but was wondering if you fine people knew of any other Vue projects that may need help?

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talking shit about my generation 

What do people do at ATMs that takes so fucking long?

Is the one-column layout available on Can't seem to find that option anywhere

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Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable #reddit / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the #fediverse:


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Wow PleromaFE keeps getting better! I really like the visibility warning and Favourites tab.

Great work #pleroma!

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They are soundings the war drums again. Be wary folks. As Jackson Brown lamented in his masterpiece:

"They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are. But they're never the ones to fight or to die. And there are lives in the balance"

Looking at the API, I think I just need to get the "context" of the toot, which that python package does support. Sweet!

One idea I had: Is it possible to say, post a link to my blog post to Mastodon, then have any public comments that Masto post receives be displayed as comments on the blog post itself? Just found this Python wrapper for Mastodon, but not sure if it's capable of doing this:

Thinking about starting my own instance so I can have more control, and do fun things like programmatically posting to my instance when I create a new blog post, custom bots, and other experimental things..

To be fair to Google, they stopped working on Dragonfly due to public/employee backlash, but in Monday’s interview, Schmidt wouldn’t rule out the company starting the project back up.

Eric Schmidt says Google’s new search engine for China, which filters our queries for things like “human rights”, “student protests” and “Nobel prize”, will make China more open. Who knew, censorship tools could help make governments more open, thanks for clearing that up, Eric!

Amazon's Facial Recognition tech is now being used by local police departments: Policing by algorithm should be outlawed. Add Amazon to the list

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