What is the best way of mirroring twitter accounts?

I found a couple of art accounts on twitter I like. I want to move them into a single mastodon account.

Right now I'm in depths of writing bot converting between nitter rss and Mastodon.py.

The only downside -- I can't find a way to mirror threads in nitter rss.

Apparently running your own nitter instance is the way of browsing twitter for the enlightened.

Nitter project -- github.com/zedeus/nitter

Docker container -- hub.docker.com/r/zedeus/nitter

I found **some** usefulness in twitter, but I just don't want to feel anxiety every time I open it.


Apparently I need to find just the right hack to get access to a simulacrum of twitter api that is not actually twitter api, because twitter api sucks.

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nitter_scraper -- nitter-scraper.readthedocs.io/

Looks like a good candidate, but the number of abstraction layers used to make this work, makes my head spin.

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