went to install python on ubuntu and was punked by my former self


@darius I use pyenv for this. A really nice tool that manages python versions and virtual environments locally. All it needs is system dependencies to build python.


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@avolkov @darius Consider this a second recommendation of pyenv! I would recommend using their automated installer though - I tried to do it manually and definitely fucked my shit up before I blew everything away and used the automated installer.

@reed @avolkov I have definitely run into major issues with pyenv, mostly because I don't understand anything about python -- I'm always installing python as dependency for something else. I imagine if I understood python better, then using pyenv would be easy for me like using nvm is for node. As it stands I've found pyenv weird and confusing because I lack necessary mental models

@darius @avolkov Yeah, exactly how it works is a bit of a mystery to me still - but I work at a python job so I needed to use it and eventually worked it out.

@darius It's the exact reverse for me :D Whenever i use node/npm, I run into fantastic issues and I have no idea what's going and it's frustrating, so I go back to Python where everything runs as I expect it.

So yes, I guess it's a matter of understand and familiarity with that particular ecosystem ;)

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