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How can I help Ukraine? Resources and tips for Canadians.

This article has extensive list of charities that will help people of Ukraine.


#4 in in the list, come back alive provides immediate help with personal equipment for Ukrainian military

The most reliable way of donating money to come back alive is through option.

now i don't have to keep this followers only now that the gift has been received :skellydab: i made a demon core usb lamp and it whips ass

Everybody knows Audacity, but are there more audio editors on Linux? After so many years the answer is still... "Kinda!" :)

Here is my review of 8 audio editors for Linux that are not Audacity or one of its pride forks.

This is also where I have to say that the Qt6 port of ReZound largely works.

What happens if you feed the GPS data from the handlebar camera into World-o-Techno? Wonderful generative sound track for biking to #MCH2022:

But I got my feet wet with docker-compose and packaging things with pyproject.toml.

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I ended up using nitter_scraper for my bot. It has some bugs, there's an open PR with fixes from Jan 25.

The author had a ton of contributions until Jan 2022 mostly fintech stuff, it looks like this was all fed into sentiment analysis.
The last contrib is in May 2022 and nothing since.

The authors twitter account is protected with profile message saying "BITCOIN IS DEAD AGAIN. :("

My story with writing art twitter bot is taking some turns.

nitter_scraper --

Looks like a good candidate, but the number of abstraction layers used to make this work, makes my head spin.

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Apparently I need to find just the right hack to get access to a simulacrum of twitter api that is not actually twitter api, because twitter api sucks.

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Apparently running your own nitter instance is the way of browsing twitter for the enlightened.

Nitter project --

Docker container --

I found **some** usefulness in twitter, but I just don't want to feel anxiety every time I open it.

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What is the best way of mirroring twitter accounts?

I found a couple of art accounts on twitter I like. I want to move them into a single mastodon account.

Right now I'm in depths of writing bot converting between nitter rss and

The only downside -- I can't find a way to mirror threads in nitter rss.

Jordan Peterson is wrong about Ukraine and everything 

Is this really surprising to anyone?

May I introduce you to the #MuskPeak (according to Monthly Active Users)

Also note the general higher usage level in July. So some new users disappeared again, but some stayed on the #fediverse.

Github gist for setting up multiple account clients with mutt --

I want to have a few accounts for bots and stuff and my poor thunderbird has too many things already.

I didn't realize how aggressively I set up fail2ban until I decided to change password on a mail server.. until a few hours later.

Such mailserver, much security.

This is an actively used railway. This is what we could take to work, shop, and hangout instead of miles of asphalt. Human technology and nature can co-exist if we fight for it, and if we're willing to let go of failed projects like the highway system.

I designed a mirrored holder for 24V 360W PSU and holders for bear upgrade using M4 25mm bolts.

I've been going over some of the models I've made and haven't published them for one reason or the other (mostly just procrastinating).

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