> a social network full of open source enthusiasts

> every post is tagged wwdc, the conference from the company that brought you cool things such as:
> proprietary cables for everything
> an ecosystem so closed you can't develop for one platform if you don't own the other one
> the first removal of the headphone jack
> making technology a status symbol


@avetozar we're all essentially treating it as a trainwreck if that's any consolation

@bclindner but there's people unironically enthused about the whole thing and it weirds me out

@avetozar not everyone here is off the big tech kool aid, you get used to it. i am not a fan of apple but they are the main choice for audio/video, linux and open source still doesn't come close no matter how hard i try to make it work

@avetozar the only reason i'm paying attention is because i suspected they might gut my VSTs/AUs, and my suspicions were unfortunately probably correct

@bclindner it's been a while since i played with any audio, but is there an alternative to VSTs now that is widely used?

@avetozar nah, it's still just VSTs/AUs. Linux has LADSPA and LV2 but the ecosystem's still not great on those

@bclindner i remember LADSPA fondly ❤️
not that the plugins were very good, but we had fun!

@bclindner yep, i don't really mind it, it's just that i got used to people mostly sharing different kind of things on here, so it put dissonance in my cognition.
i agree that there's no better ecosystem for professional artists, credit where it's due.

@avetozar Okay, it's not just me having these same thoughts 🐈

@avetozar oh the irony!

(sent from my iphone xr whilst using the safari browser)

@rozina haha oh don't get me started on those email signatures!

@avetozar oh those are the worst and they seem so unprofessional

@rozina 7th circle of hell: people who casually name drop their brands

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