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*tap* *tap* is this thing on?

hi fediverse! long time admirer, first time account holder here. i like what you're about.

lots of "i ..."s:
i'll be tooting around here probably.
i build AI compilers for money.
i build other stuff for fun.
i'm an expert lurker of the net.
i read (mostly) sci-fi.
i have more abandoned projects than you.
i'm trying not to have more abandoned projects.

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so many people funnelling talent into big tech have zero understanding of how those businesses are fundamentally poised to destroy democracy.

your admiration for the architecture of amazon, facebook, google, etc should at this point be intensely degraded by the cultural & economic violence they enact upon their. own. users.

looking for a preferably open source android app that can give me a one-button-widget interface to delete all cached data. does this exist and what is its True Name?

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"Despite Travel Ban, Thousands of American Tourists Are Trying To Enter Canada"
they're not sending their best
we should build a wall on the border tbh
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domain transfer offer 

so i own and it's gonna expire soon

anyone want it?

it's currently through namecheap, you'd obv have to pay the registrar to have/renew the domain, but i don't want any money for it

this just lets someone who wants it get it before it expires

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yall covid-19 response isn't about this administration or the current political mood. it's about a consistent racist, classist disregard for the health of *everyone* on the part of the poeople holding money and power.

back when SARS-CoV-1 was a thing 20 years ago, people got inundated with money to work on it just like people are for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). and then the SARS-1 epidemics burnt out, because it was way more fatal which is a *shitty* thing for a virus to be. and people in power forgot about it, because it didn't matter that a few people died or whatever, while scientists (sometimes, literally) *screamed* in their faces that there was a high probability of another zoonotic spillover ~soon that would be way worse. so anyone working on SARS-type coronaviruses got back-shelf funding.

and guess what happened? SARS-CoV-2. they've ignored nature's inevitable path of optimization, and said, oh, we'ven't had a big epidemic in the US for ~100y! just. disgusting. fuckin. hubris.

major life update 

obviously, gonna be here a lot less frequently

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major life update 

diff --git a/status.txt b/status.txt
index a5a0f4f..750e590 100644
--- a/status.txt
+++ b/status.txt
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-soon father
phd in ceng
dabbler in things

can anyone link me that image that compares wearing your mask under your nose with having your penis outside your pants?

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I dunno who needs to see this, but relax your jaw.

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Does anyone by chance know of any that can be played solo using only a standard deck of , ior , ior paper?

I'm trying to avoid electronics 90mins before bed, but I'm too cheap to buy a book, all of the books at the lfl's don't appeal to me and I have these three items.

Boosts appreciated!

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I'm only getting second-hand reports, but I'll say it in case there's anyone listening that needs to hear it:

When people speak of racism, they are talking about a system - a specific system, which demonstrably exists today, and which has been a very consequential and deeply-connected component of the modern period.

If you find yourself wanting to talk about racism-like systems in other times, consider carefully whether you are in a situation where that would be appropriate, relevant, and respectful.

acab bumper sticker challenge 2020
make it happen

but, in reality, the fossbros are just dressing for the software ecosystem they want, not the one we have

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