The developers of the appsneed to step up their . I'll try to file a few issues but don't wait for me. Label those buttons! Let me know if you would like me to test any updates. Let's make Mastodon usable by everyone!

@austinseraphin I noticed most "empty" buttons have an aria-label attribute with the button name. Is that not enough? Or do they also need a span with sr-only-class in it?

I recently set up a mastodon dev environment and can implement small changes (finding my way around in the code base). Would be happy to fix a few accessibility things.

@lilo I've had a good experience on the web site, though a friend said she had some issues so I'll find out what and get back to you. So far all of the buttons have read fine for me. Can you give me a specific example to test?

@austinseraphin One of my blind followers had trouble with the follow/unfollow button and he had difficulties to find the search results (NVDA with a google chrome based browser). Later he switched to firefox where it seemed to work.

@lilo Yeah Chrome tends to have worse outside of Google's systems. My friend may have tried using Safari. I use Firefox myself. She promised to give it another shot so we'll see.

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