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Austin Seraphin @austinseraphin

've decided to learn a functional programming language. I enjoyed in college so have considered and maybe a dilect. Some friends have tried to conince me to go with , especially because I already do a lot of work in . I do appreciate the elegant Lisp syntax and its rich history.

@austinseraphin Although I coded in Ruby since 2002, I prefer Closure to Elixir. 😅

@veer66 How has learning Clojure affected your Ruby? I love Ruby, it serves my day to day needs well, but I do like learning to think in new ways.

@austinseraphin I still use Ruby for small command line tools. But I code more complex programs in Clojure or Common Lisp instead.

@veer66 Ah. I learned Common Lisp in college. How would you compare it with Clojure?


* Clojure and ClojureScript run on JVM and a web browser. So I can use it in more situations and with existing software.
* Clojure has more built-in persistent data structure. Life is much easier when I use JSON.