Blind operators: If you need some logging software then check out YFKlog. I just worked with the author to improve its screen reader .

I had my first CW QSO (morst code contact) in 25 years. That 599 perfect signal report felt like the best news all day, despite the short distance. Today Arch Street, tomorrow the world!

I look forward to my first since getting back into after 25 years. I will operate 1D from my QTH, an apartment in Philadelphia running QRP into a magnetic loop sitting by my bedroom window.

I have enjoyed participating in the creation of the IFTF Testing Project Report. Those interested in interactive fiction (text adventure games) should check it out.

I like seeing getting some press. I have said for years that I'd rather use Emacs than Xcode.
Why RubyMotion

Happy Day! We've made it half way through the winter.

February 2 also has a special meaning for me, because I started my dial-up bulletin board system on February 2, 1991.

The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation has begun their testing program. They need more screen reader users who enjoy playing interactive fiction, also known as text adventures.

Does anyone know about automatic magnetic loop antenna controllers? They may hold the key to fulfilling my dream of getting back on HF from within my city apartment.

Merry Christmas! Last night I watched It's a Wonderful Life, described for the blind by George H.W. Bush! Of course I went into full mode immediately. "Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent."

Happy Solstice! Sorry I didn't say it sooner, I had a cold.

I wrote an app in for BlindAlive, a company providing audio workouts for the blind. Sadly, they will go out of business at the end of the year. Writing the app has inspired me to work on a meditation app during 2019.

"OK, let's recap the movie so far. Someone went to Acapulco, and somebody almost bought gas."

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