In City center, every square inch, every side walk is a parking lot.

What a shameful way to ruin a city.

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today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

There are just too many humans on this world.
The solution is to give everybody access to birth control, and a social safety net for the elderly.

I am willing to trade quite a a bit of flashy-ness and even features for snappyness.

The main reason I use duckduckgo is not the privacy stuff or because I believe it somehow makes the world a better place.

I just enjoy seeing a different side of the internet once in a while.

Maybe duckduckgo's results are better, the same, or worse than google's.

They are for sure different.

As soon as I open up an internet-connected device, all my creativity gets drained from my brain.

The only way for me to be productive on a computer is with a todo list, and a deadline.

I built this thing and when I was done I just looked at it and I realized that nobody would care about it.

Why didn't I notice this earlier?

Or maybe I am wrong and the product is fine and I am just looking for a cop-out so I don't have to market it?

Holy shit I sure love technology.

I don’t know if there’s any other topic that I could spend soo much time on

Reading reddit, hacker news and twitter gives me this feeling of buzz, that stuff is going on.

It’s a killer for my own motivation to create.

So much bad news, it feels like there is no place to go anymore without bad news

It’s 2019 and I still start my video calls with “can you hear me?”

I believe that in 2019 you can build a gray laptop only if you control both hardware and software.

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Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

I wanna built a laptop that just works, looks good, is reasonably priced and also doesn’t try to be thinner than last year

I don’t get why people care so much about plastic waste while we are facing the climate apocalypse.

What’s it matter if there is plastic in the ocean while any land outside the polar circles is uninhabitable?

It’s a distraction topic

Heroku just did for me in 10 mins what I couldn't force Elastc Beankstalk to do in 5 hours.

The only thing between me and success, at this point, is self-discipline.

I am quite smart, quite well educated and have an okay amount of assets in terms of money and time. On top of that, it seems that I am mostly healthy.
The only thing between me and at least mediocre success is self-discipline.

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