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"once upon a time in the PM's village"

submitted by the_man_with_none

Today in dumb but funny news, I found this, and laughed way more than it deserves. 🤣

I'm not fucking up over and over, I'm iterating new solutions

youtube knows you're no longer watching cause they notice you're no longer pressing "skip ad"

"Our code may not smell as bad as we do"

submitted by apokalipscke

If any socialist nation handled covid the way way US did, then the media would be telling us that socialism is an utter failure. Yet, when nearly 700k people die under capitalism we're simply supposed to accept that nothing better was possible.

Please don't come to Hawaii right now. We Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders are disproportionately getting sick & dying as our hospitals overflow, and gov is just building more morgues. Don't participate in ongoing genocide.

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Why Dystopias are more believable than Utopias - You actually don't want a Capitalist future.

checking with the tree of life real quick to find out how many pints are in a cup just American things

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