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"ML engineer: As long as it’s not biased against me"

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In a world... where a vast social network looms over the population. People spend hours peering into little black rectangles and also bigger black rectangles mounted on desks. They scroll for hours and hours hoping to get a hit of endorphins from a notification going off...

Is that a distant friend, or is it an app plugged into another app that's plugged into this one that you forgot to turn off? It wasn't Jerry from Middle School liking your latest meme about gay dolphins eating Doritos. It was just a reminder that Gem Hustlers II has a new quiz for you to take about what your brother's dog's star sign is.

Immerse yourself! In a network that's 5% actual stuff coming from people you care about, that you never actually talk to, and 95% advertisements and clickbait served up hand over fist to your pathetic insect-brain by an algorithm. But you keep telling yourself, "this is the absolute best way to stay in touch with people, and maybe advertise that book I'll never actually finish writing, all while raising awareness about global warming and the New Apartheid in Honduras."

Starring you, your whole family, your grandparents, random people you worked with, everyone that attended high school with you, and the absolute cesspools making up your local news comment a race against time to keep you on the site for as long as possible, it's a war between cute videos of animals from questionable pages and unwinnable bad-faith arguments that endlessly fizzle out and die... what will hold your attention today?

This is...


They log on, but they don't log off!

"The biggest security threat is always the user."

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reposting this old meme because I've been mad about it lately

Google: literally pays $15B to be the default search engine

Some folks: it’s not that bad, you can change it to a different search engine

Which part of that DEFAULT is worth FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS specifically because most people will not change it did you not understand exactly?

@harald I hear you. And I have tried (spoke twice at the EU parliament, met with MEPs, etc.) The problem is, it’s a drop in the ocean when compared to lobbyists. Folks from Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc., have places just up the road from the parliament and spend their evenings drinking in their favourite pubs together (been there, had the hangovers). They spend millions to “talk” to them. And every so often one of us will be brought in for a few minutes for “balance.”

Let's skip the next phase of Marvel movies and just have a full-budget remake of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

Still haven't solved how to listen to spotify podcasts without spotify. So I'm going to stop trying. I don't need even more content in my life and I'd rather focus on other things. It's ok to let go every once in a while :)

today on twitter: a self identified neoliberal telling a leftist to "✨ check their privilege ✨" for being a communist

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 147 nodes, descending 25 nodes down.

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The flooding in Philly this morning is just wild. That's not a canal.

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