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Just had someone DM me saying they got Google money for their NGO and Google might be terrible but taking their money doesn’t make your organisation bad. So I told them I could probably get them funding from Saudi Arabia and they went silent. I don’t understand… can someone explain it to me?


Relaxing a bit while testing this build. Playing , a funny and colorful by .

Recovering from the second vaccine jab. Second one hit a bit harder...

"I'm Mad About It, Until I Remember The Quality Of Documentation I Write..."

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Great diagram for javascript equality operator. I've seen this shared making fun of js, but I think its a really cool visualization you could do for any language.

... and equality is actually really complicated in most scripting languages. I always liked how perl made == and eq sparate numeric/string equality operators.

so my mum got a reflective coat, and then my sib found fullbody reflective dog coats too

so now we have glowy space dogs

It's demoralizing. All of it. The individual misguidedness. The collective myopia. The sense of being stuck on a sinking ship with fellow passengers that either refuse to recognize it's sinking --and/or that refuse to see that it can be saved with proper collective action-- or else have resigned themselves to fighting for a seat in a lifeboat or given up entirely.

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The manager wanted to know if I had symptoms first. I only got cleared for the rest of this week.

And there's no tests available with what's left of today. And there's no appointments nearby tomorrow. There *may* be *some* first-come first-serve tests tomorrow.

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So... a co-worker tested positive for COVID. Last Thursday. They deep-cleaned the office over the weekend. They told us today. On Wednesday. Rather than, you know, telling us Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. Would've been nice to know *before* we gave a virus with an R0 of 5 several more days to hop around -__-

And we're all expected to be in the office. If you think that's risky, "talk to your manager."

Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

A personal email appliance seems like such a cool idea!

Until you realize that convincing gmail you’re not an email spammer essentially requires renting an IP address from the very big tech companies the marketing copy for this device scares you about.

Which means any products in this space are necessarily priced via subscription, and therefore a non-starter for the independent digital homesteaders targeted by the marketing.

Email is so broken.

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