"Sometimes I believe in myself a little too much."

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Wait. So you're telling me that a sport with violence built into it's DNA has a bunch of racist, toxically male men running the organizations and the league itself?




I've bumped the expiration dates on my keys. Ordinarily I'd "Update my key (I edited it elsewhere)", but presently, that click drops an error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: window.SigModalUis[link_data.sig_gen] is not a constructor
at SigModalLauncher.show_modal (sitewide-js.js:125)
at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (sitewide-js.js:125)
at HTMLBodyElement.dispatch (sitewide-js.js:38)
at HTMLBodyElement.elemData.handle (sitewide-js.js:38)

Please donate to Mozilla Corporation, their CEO is trying to scrape by on just a little over $3,000,000/year. I’m sure you can all relate to how hard that can be so, please, dig deep this giving season.


Mozilla’s now director of public policy once asked me, with a straight face, why I was giving them a hard time and holding Mozilla to a higher standard: “we’re just another Silicon Valley tech company.”

But that’s not what you tell people publicly, is it, Mozilla?

Still, it’s time y’all got this.

Mozilla is a half-billion-dollar for-profit corporation – whose CEO makes >$3M/yr – that has a foundation do its PR.


#mozilla #SiliconValley #BigTech #SurveillanceCapitalism

"FOSS (Forced Open Source Software)"

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