Just the New York Times doing what it does best: Inventing Reality.

Good news out of Cuba with the passing of its Family Code? Minimized. Downplayed. Only mentioning same-sex marriage and none of the other sweeping changes that place Cuba at the forefront of the world.

Bad news out of Cuba from Hurricane Ian? Play it up. Be sure to mention deaths and that power is "still out" "hours" later.

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But if it happens in America... this is the headline we get :) No mention of the million+ folks without power. Certainly not pontificating about "entire X being without power."


Now, it's not like losing power is unexpected in a hurricane. But it's remarkable how reliably the NYT adjusts its coverage depending on the political orientation of the affected party.

Hurricane casualties in Cuba? They aren't described as "possible deaths," or even just "deaths," but instead as being "killed by the storm."

Hurricane casualties in Florida? Well, maybe it was the storm. Maybe not. Who knows, really? All we can really say is that they were "possibly linked to the storm."

the NYT is an alternative reality fiction collection. that claims to be "News"

@aspensmonster We'd actually do well to learn from Cuba regarding hurricane preparedness.

Also, there are people who want everyone they interact with to regard Cuba as a "nasty COMMUNIST bogeyman". Obama's administration did something right by attempting to restore some positive relations with Cuba (only for Trmp to undo it because he's petty and vindictive)

But yes, manipulating readership is why I generally don't read the big media.

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