@DeveloperMemes can't see this story on lobsters because it's being censored :Pogey:
@sneeden hackernews-lite, but even more further left, avoid

@coyote wait, a story about a corporation appropriating open source code is being supressed on a far left site?? Bonkers


@sneeden @coyote


Date: 2021-12-25 14:44 -0600

Moderator: pushcx [lobste.rs/messages?to=pushcx]

Story: Microsoft is forking open source repos and changing license and copyright information [lobste.rs/s/wawy4v/microsoft_i]

Action: deleted story

Reason: Yeah we're not going to get out the torches and pitchforks for a buggy bot on literally Christmas, please chill.


Meh. I think pushcx had it right.

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@aspensmonster @sneeden lmao I find it bad faith to say this was an accident, I'd like to see how this is even possible as an accident. I should mute mastodon instances, I really should...
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