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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

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It's another post from .

I got back in November 2020. It nearly killed me. I was in ICU for a week and med-surg for another.

When I presented to the ER, with the worst pain in my life, feeling like I was on death's door (I was), do you know what happened first?


The memory of writhing in agony, grasping frantically for my wallet, hunched over on a cold plastic chair, desperately awaiting care, is a permanent scar.

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Just finished reading Michael Parenti's Inventing Reality. I'll follow up with quotes later, but his analysis of mass media up until the 80s holds just as true today, often for the exact same media entities, like The New York Times.

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Catching up on quotes from recent readings. Starting with Wage Labour and Capital by Karl Marx.

The foundational economic truth of Marx: that all value is created by labour and labour alone.

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I recently read through Value, Price and Profit by Marx.

Marx starts off the pamphlet with a question of the impact of a rise in wages on the material conditions of wage workers, all else being equal. This question was motivated by Marx's contemporary Weston, who falsely asserted that a rise in wages would harm the working class. Such a question is still relevant today, given the absurdity of so-called "wage-price spirals" on the costs of commodities.

My masto instance is shutting down. Any chance someone on could shoot me an invite?

I believe I am down to choosing between three new homes:, &

All seem heavily moderated against nazi, anti-LGBTQ, etc content. Block a lot of the right Instances.

Anyone have experience here? I am leaning Fosstodon as the creator always seems rad.

@ashfurrow it’s ok. :blobheart: We understand and support your decision. Thanks for all you’ve done!

Why THANK YOU, Wikipedia.
I don't care what anyone says, you're not officious, pedantic, or verbose at all! 😅

man when you get up early on the east coast, you get up before everyone else. Maybe this is how DC, Walk Street and Florida keep fucking the rest of us over

US cowardly #libs who will not punish the Democratic Party for ceding ground continuously in the coming elections, please keep in mind that your terrible addiction to this party is causing suffering elsewhere as well, not just in your states. Other people who'd like to own someone else's uterus see this and get the courage to try it in the rest of the world. They often succeed, too.

@aspensmonster This is true, but I'm taking it a step further: I will make them hire a second man to also not understand something!

You can't make corporations do anything better, but you can make them spend twice as much money paying people to not help you. For example, you may just not understand and need a second or third person to explain the process and why you can't get your prescription refilled.

This is the flagship proposal of my neoliberal job creation policy, and as we unveil our complete platform in the coming days...

This morning I dreamt that Subway caused massive outrage by making a new sub full of ZzzQuil that you could only buy late at night. This lead to an epidemic of people falling asleep on their drives home.

🗣️ @kdenlive project is still fundraising + close to their goal. Please consider supporting their efforts. There's a group of #FreeCAD tutorial creators using it to deliver great quality content for all of us. Lets make it easier for them to do so!

My move away from spotify has been going well so far ❤️

A post about mobile is on my feed.

When it comes to my computers, I landed on ''Tauon Music Box'' as my preferred music app. I absolutely love the UI, It's available on flathub and it can scrobble to :brain3:


#music #foss #opensource #flathub #spotify #debian #vinly #cd

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration/Continuous Disintegration.

La primera generación en crecer con las redes sociales y la primera en envejecer ahí 👵👴

Y ahora, la burla de la Gen Z: los ✨Millennials✨

Listening to the guy next to me at this plaza loudly complain about how the Bay Area is full of "engineers" who can't use language and don't understand humor and have no culture except "AI"

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