Much better :D And now the ffmpeg for posterity...

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -preset veryslow -crf 18 -b:v 3000k -vf "format=yuv420p" output.mp4

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And now 1080p, doubled bitrate, doubled file size (37 MiB)... Seems to still be leaving the original file alone.

A definite improvement. Didn't take as long to upload, looks to have same bitrate... Going to try 1080p next.

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A slightly larger file (18 MiB), but with the codecs and pixel layout of the converted file and resolution dropped to 720p...

Oh dear. Mastodon sure made that clip look yucky. Original file was 12MiB, vp9. Time to fiddle with encoder settings.

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I've been grinding through the Farewell chapter of for a few months now, one segment at a time. Each segment typically takes me 15+ minutes to grind through :celMADeline: I thought I'd stumbled upon an easy segment. Alas, it was just beginner's luck.

I'm almost entirely convinced that nobody can actually get through the Farewell chapter without dying. All the clips of speedrunners are just a grand conspiracy to make me feel inadequate :P

instance block rec (redux) 

societal dot co continues to be filling up with Parler and Qanon accounts with no moderation intent, they have a Spiked account which posts far right Qanon conspiracy stuff continually and they are currently listed as the number 2 account on's "general" accounts sign up page list for new people.

They (Societal) are a very astroturfy UK clothing brand site that sells "progressive" clothing but also thin blue line clothing while also another branch of whoever is running them runs "Godinterest dot com" which is a Christian clothing site and congregation? vaguely anti-vax news site.

Their about page when talking about getting the "societal app on android" says to download the Gab app.

Their instance description lists them as "We champion free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online".


More newspaper clippings, from Community Impact and El Mundo (and Democratic Left, from the ). I'm now, *finally* caught up on my backlog. *This time*, I totally won't procrastinate and will dutifully work through material as I get it :P :yoshi_eat: :yoshi_tongue_mid: :yoshi_tongue_end:

2021 is here, and we need your help to keep fighting for free software. Associate members are the core of our work at the Free Software Foundation. Help us further the cause for freedom by becoming one today.

49 days worth of New York Times papers, condensed into what I think was most important. There's a surprisingly semi-regular cadence of stories on , all with a typical neoliberal bent to them. A couple stories here and there too. Several stories on the farmers' protests against in too, all downplaying their scale. It's a decent paper, but the idea that it's a "leftist" publication is... humorous. Liberal, maybe, but definitely not leftist.

Gingerbread house before and after an encounter with a hungry nine year old.

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