:fdroid: 🌧️ again! At @fdroidorg 38 updates and 4 new apps:

* Lucia: privacy-friendly check-in (Germany)
* VPN Hotspot
* Kwik EFIS
* Lavabit Proxy

At IzzyOnDroid:

* Simple Time Tracker: track with what you spend your time
* Save a Copy: for apps that won't let you "save" but only store in their private area, get access to your content on Android 11+ by having a copy

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Wouldn't be vacation without a little reading. Been meaning to go through State and Revolution for a while now.

For once, my baby brother is pickier than me. He didn't realize ribeyes are notoriously fatty. .

- According to studies, X makes Y more likely than Z
- Oh yeah what about this person I know whose outcome is a counterexample

Pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I have two copies of MMM so I could read it faster

halting problem? yeah, I wish some of my problems would halt

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