after careful consideration and analysis of the facts of the r/AntiWork implosion, i have come to the conclusion that a minor conflict on a social media website doesn't actually matter that much in the grand scheme of things

"Racism is not just the attitude that Black people are inferior.

Racism, in the first place, is a weapon used by the wealthy to increase the profits they bring in by paying Black workers less for their work."

— Angela Davis, An Autobiography, 1974.

Just got the six colored eggs and the ice key. I can't wait to transfer them to Banjo-Tooie once that releases on NSO! #BanjoKazooie #Nintendo64 #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch

There's just something really satisfying about freeing this big guy from stone, and having him deal the final blow against Gruntilda. Because screw turning creatures to stone. #Nintendo64 #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch

With these fuckers protesting against mask mandates, how can you disagree with the idea of the gulag?

The answer is... 1935! Georgi Dimitrov wrote this as an analysis of fascism in the USA as a part of his larger analysis of how to build a united front against fascism!

Which in turn was a part of his larger analysis of a worldwide united front, linked below!

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It is a peculiarity of the development of American fascism that at the present stage it comes forward principally in the guise of an opposition to fascism, which it accuses of being an "un-American" trend imported from abroad... American fascism tries to portray itself as the custodian of the Constitution and "American democracy." It does not as yet represent a directly menacing force. But if it succeeds in penetrating the wide masses who have become disillusioned with the old bourgeois parties, it may become a serious menace in the very near future.

When was this written?

“Pupil movements, body poses and nose scrunching are among the flickers of human expression that Meta wants to harvest in building its metaverse, according to an analysis of dozens of patents recently granted to Facebook’s parent company.”

Do you understand now what I mean when I say they’re trying to build the perfect behavioural analysis and manipulation laboratory? That you’re the lab rat in Silicon Valley’s business model? Do you get why I call it “people farming?”

fuck yeah the fanfic I'm reading just did exactly what I wanted it to do here we go

thinking about how many people go to work at a grey, white and beige office and then go home to a grey, white and beige room.

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