My fingers keep wanting to go to "f" for Facebook

You know addicts: always in recovery never recovered

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Checking out the reddit for budapest

Oops entirety of reddit is down


This speaker has told people to start a blog more than I usually do 🤔

Well ... what the heck! I just pledged to @Gargron and @ashfurrow AND I bought a sticker! Because n !

I may not much but I really really like it here!


Imagine a planet with abundant gamma radiation, and all the plant-equivalent life based on "photo"-synthesis using melanin instead of chlorophyll.

So I got my mastodon instance up and running FINALY..But the page is only showing the markup. The CSS is not being applied to the page, Any tips??

So far reminds me of the early days of birdsite before it was invaded by marketers and bots. What lessons are there to learn from that to help prevent us getting to that place?

What's the multi-account situation so far? Do I have to re-login or use several browsers? Or is there a way to make the web interface let me log in for 2 accounts with one login?

So this has some utility for broader search:

It searches public toots using Federated reed on

I searched my username, it only found me here on I have a small handful of other accounts, so there's that.

Still, better than nothing.

Remember, has a Code of Conduct that we adhere to. Details available on the instance info page.

If you ever feel unwelcome or unsafe, contact me directly or file a report.

Okay, Sticker Mule has basically abandoned our stickers. I need a new company that can print stickers and most importantly that can do the selling and shipping on my behalf (like a marketplace). Anyone suggestions?
How can I connect my own instance to the federation? Maybe I need to consult the documentations after I come home.

I think the biggest problem with Mastodon right now is that you don't know what kind of local timeline you're going to get when you join an instance, and the inability to move accounts with followers to the new instance doesn't help.

You made up the shortfall from me blocking his $25/month pledge AND went a little bit over!
Thank you!!!

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Friendly reminder that there’s an artist/maker/writer/designer instance waiting for you at!

Message @way to set up an account!

Hey you, yeah, you 

You are rad and cool, and deserve good things happening to you :3

Please create:

Meta social network. Create mind maps from your favourite toots.

I'm sick of linear disccussions that go in circles. Let's think differently and actually get somewhere. 🐘

Communication, Drama 

It's easy to see the talking /past/ happening on birdsite, but this example is such a parody of itself.

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