@codeberg is now on 1.12.3 and the best part is #gitnex will now show you the notifications in the menu.

#gitnex #tip #gitea


@mmarif @codeberg

Hey super cool feature! Works great and is a real benefit for me! Thanks 👍

How is that related to the .3 update? Usually we deploy bug fixes asap between gitea releases, you can ping us next time if there is something important for gitnex, too speed things up :)

@ashimokawa @codeberg I am really glad that this feature is working good in it's current form, as we are still improving it and hope it will be largely improved in the coming release.

The part which I love is it is not implemented using libraries which can compromise user data etc. It is safe and f-droid is the example of having it.

We will definitely ping you if there is any related to codeberg Which GitNex can benefit from. 👍

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