0.44.2 has been built and published by F-Droid.

You can now rename the devices in the main activity's list. That feature was often requested from people who manage multiple devices of the same type.

And thanks to your donations, we could buy a Amazfit Bip S and improve improve support for that device plus test contributions from the community. Thank you everyone!

For a full list of changes, read the changelog.

@ashimokawa I am glad I found Andreas Shimokawa at Mastodon after I found him at Codeberg.

I am curious how the Amazfit Bip S will be used, maybe one day it will be as easy as with a normal Amazfit Bip.


See the wiki for instructions. There are three ways of obtaining the key. Crypto involves server side signing. I see no way on how to do it without their secret key then have hidden on their servers. :(

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