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Why on earth would I need Sonos to show a desktop notification when the song changes? I know the song just changed. I can hear it. That's the notification.

Okay, I've ordered a pair of 6TB external drives for RAID-redundant Time Machine backups, should be here next weekend 🙌 A lot cheaper than a NAS 😅 Thanks for the validation all!

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I’m seeking opinions on a local network-available backup storage medium. All my machines would back up to this volume. I have a spare local machine running headless and I’m tempted to just plug in some external drives on a RAID 1 configuration, but should I get a NAS? Dunno.

Just sell two SKUs for two languages, Asus, you cowards.

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A good deal of the blame here falls on Asus for installing a bunch of bloatware, but then, who set up the OEM deals to make that possible? Microsoft.

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My mother in law asked me to fix her computer. “It’s just really slow.” I haven’t used Windows since, uhhh, XP I guess? And like, Windows has just gotten more and more garbage since then.

Microsoft has a lot of crimes to pay for but wow, Windows really sucks 😭

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decided to make myself a nice like breakfast sandwich [cw food, meat]

you can tell I was hungry because I didn’t bother staging a good photo 😋

“Why isn’t the m.t transition off Docker done yet?”

“Listen, you have to understand, my vacuum was loosing suction.”

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Today I cleaned my vacuum cleaner for the first time in the three years since I bought it. I’d rinsed the filter regularly but never even checked it for blockages (there was so much blockage).

What a time-consuming and very gross, yet extremely satisfying activity.

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A family member is downsizing and has given me this old radio/turntable. It’s in great shape! Mostly. The amp needs a new tube.

Does anyone have any blog posts/videos on fixing these up? Ideally I would replace the amp with something solid state and put this thing on wifi as an AirPlay receiver. Any recommendations are appropriated 🥰

I will never apologize for apologizing for not apologizing.

Okay I do apologize to the Docker people, actually. It's just so frustrating, but I didn't mean to be mean.

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You know what? I'm not sorry to say that Docker sucks. It does. I'm unapologetic, I'm full-throated: "Docker Sucks"

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