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good morning, remember that time I got to feed a baby kangaroo? 🦘😍

the nineties were like, a hundred years ago, why are computers still like this

did you know that nginx will let you increase the number of connections it uses (each backed by a file descriptor) beyond the maximum number of file descriptors allowed by the host OS?

it's true!

and that maximum number is, like, absurdly low! still!


growing up in canada, I would look forward to May 24 ("Victoria Day") because spring was nearly arrived

but did you know

they don't even celebrate Victoria Day in the UK? It's just a thing Canada made up to feel more British (except in Québec, who of course calls it "Journée nationale des patriotes", patriots in this case being implicitly anti-British)

I think that's beautiful

how many worker_connections are enough? answer: doesn’t matter. it’s made up to frustrate inexperienced sysadmins like me who hadn’t yet realized the truth:

computers don’t really even exist

nginx config blocks are fake, they don’t exist, a conspiracy by the reverse-proxy elites

by any objective measure, the best emoji is obviously 🤩 I mean come on

Absolutely my favourite variety of toot is a tweet that got forwarded from twitter, saying “hey, I deleted that tweet”, but they forgot to delete the forwarded mastodon toot of their deleted tweet so it’s still there

It’s just... I can’t describe it. It’s so good 😚👌

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love 2 code, just fucken... love it. declaring variables, implementing, functions? yeah it's great it's the best

I recently wrote about how I get the other engineers at Artsy to write so many blog posts.

tl;dr is I wait for someone to do something blog post-worthy (which I have an expansive definition for) and then support them in achieving their knowledge-sharing goals.

check it out:

this screenshot is the result of weeks of browsing cool retro futuristic art and stuff. I really took my time with it (because I remembered to plan ahead) and I'm feeling pumped 🤩

prepping for a conference talk at the end of the month – this is probably the most forethought I've put into the design of my slides and I'm really digging the direction it's headed

that's my fresh take, anyways. I'll think more about it later.

"Mastodon Server Covenant" okay so everything sounds good, even the daily backup requirements are a good idea. But I... am not sure how best to go about granting others access to the server.

m.t has admins, but there's a huge gap between the powers of an admin and the powers of someone who can directly modify the database. Maybe it's just my unfamiliarity with sysadmin'ing, but without any kind of guidance on security best practices, this requirement seems ill-advised. More info:

spoilers for Detective Pikachu 

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