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this, and the comments, and the stories, and the UI design, is why I don't read Slashdot anymore

> Migrate from GitHub

okay cool

> to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool.

haha what? no

> Check out all of SourceForge’s recent improvements.

fuck off eh?

Australians call their cities’ downtowns “Central Business Districts” or CBDs so my question is how does their vernacular handle the popularization of CBD oil? Folks,

had a dream last night that I bought a midi controller at a thrift store, good morning

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republicans? more like... 

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opportunity to run a peertube instance 

the executioner asks me “any last words?”

I respond: “je suis fini”, and every French teach I ever had grits their teeth so hard their head’s explode

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"404 Page Not Found" by @mcmansionhell

I don't know how to express how much I love this article. I'm glad someone is documenting the history of the internet from more than just the perspective of those who did or didn't make a billion dollars.

morning, it's launch day for a thing my team built, wish us luck

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Interesting: you can fingerprint people based on their browser extensions, and LinkedIn has been doing so for years #privacy

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